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Bayliner 1989 19(39) Cuddy question-gctid380210

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    Bayliner 1989 19(39) Cuddy question-gctid380210

    So i recently bought a 89' 19' cuddy cabin 1952 with a 2.3L Cobra. Everything runs great on it, took it out for the first time the other day. Was kind of in a hurry, put in, checked for leaks and took off. After running for about 20 minutes pulled up to shore and noticed a good amount of water in the bildge. Looked closer and found what I think is a drain cock under the exhaust manifold had water coming out of it. I went to try and tighten it and it didnt seem to move, but right when i did so the water stoped (engine was shut off) Im not sure if it was cracked open or if the water pressure just dropped off from the engine being stopped. Guess my question is what is this drain for, just draining out the mannifold or does it have some other intermittent use?

    It is to drain the manifold before storage.
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