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? Oil Change Needed for Bayliner 175 ?-gctid378728

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    ? Oil Change Needed for Bayliner 175 ?-gctid378728

    Just bought my first boat....a 2006 175br. with only 10 hours on the engine. Prior owner developed illness and did not use the boat for past 5 years. With so few hours on engine, should I change oil? Advice on type of oil to use? Thanks in advance.

    Without question change the oil. The owners manual should tell you ehat oil to use.

    Congrats on the new boat. What motor/drive?


      Change out oil,all filters, lower end lube and water pump impellor!


        With only 10 hrs, you should get the impeller replaced and have the engine alignment checked too (I believe that's a normal 20 hr service when new.)

        The outdrive may not have been properly broken in. You may want to repeat the process.

        Congrats on a almost new boat.


          +1 change oil

          +1 repeat break in process

          +1 impeller inspection / replacement

          also highly recommend getting some manuals with basic mtc time tables...... you can go to to get the basic stuff, or search around for the OEM manuals.... either of these will tell you what type of fluids to use and where, and how often....

          welcome to the club!!