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  • Bayliner 2152 and 1952 cuddies-gctid378103

    I am looking at purchasing a 2003 Bayliner 2152 cuddy and currently own a 2004 1952 cuddy. I like to overnight on occasion and find the cuddy too small to sit up in so I am looking at this 2152. The boat is many hours away so I want to decide if it is what I want, before i make the trip. Can anyone tell me how big the cuddy is on the 2152 and also how is it in rough choppy water. Overall is it a good hull design?



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    I don't know about the 2152 but I have a '97 2052 cuddy and can assure you there's no chance of sitting upright in there and I'm not the tallest of folks either at 5'10"

    I'd need about another 6-8 inches of headroom in mine before being able sit properly upright.

    Not sure how much difference there is from model year 1997 to 2003-4 but I'm guessing not a lot, particularly with the hull (Sequential planing?). Mine handles chop reasonably well and in fact it can cope in about 4foot swells but only at low non-planing speeds, unless you fancy a few slipped/crushed discs in your spine. I speak from bitter experience :S

    Just an afterthought. Did you mean Capri or Trophy cuddies? I'm talking about a Capri.


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      Hi, I meant the Capri cuddy. I have seen pics of the 2052 and i can see it is a lower cuddy. The 2152 seems taller than that, which means I'm not sure. 8 or 6" taller is quite a lot of height difference.

      As to ride quality, I am looking for something that can take a decent chop at low planing speed, (I also have had those bone jarring rides through chop) .

      Thanks for your input.



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        I dont know if a couple feet will resolve your hard chop issues. My 1950 pounded in hard chop, so did my 2355 almost as bad. My 3055 now she glides through the toughest chop like nothin

        I just wanted you guys to know even at 24' cruiser, the boat still pounded in chop, usually had to slow to hull speed. You wont get over that until you get some real weight on the water.


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          Hey Lance,

          I currently own the '03 2152 cuddy, bought her new and she has been a great boat for us. I usually end up with 6 people boating with the Admiral and I on any given weekend. I am 6'3" and weigh approximately 238 lbs. We have not overnighted in the boat in the 9 years that we have owned her but have thought about it a couple of times. As far as headroom sitting upright, it is a little tight but doable. I can lay in the cuddy comfortably.

          As far as taking the chop, at planing speed it handles the chop pretty well. Any faster and you are definitely going to feel it.

          Ihope this info helps. Any other questions please feel free to ask.

          Good luck with your decision.



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            I have an '08 192 Discovery. I am not that familiar with the Capri cuddy configuration, but mine has enough room to sit upright reasonably well and I am 6'3". We have overnighted, and while I can lay down, the admirals quarters are a little tight for two.:hammer That is where the convertible seating comes in handy.

            As for the chop, I think it would be similar to the models you are thinking about. All these models are relatively light. All things considered, I really can't complain much about either of these issues.