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i want captains chairs in my 95-gctid377944

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    i want captains chairs in my 95-gctid377944

    ive had the boat a week and i can already see that the back to back seats are going to annoy me.i was looking at the way they are installed and it would free up so much floor space if i replaced them with 2 captains chairs.looks like they mount to a fiberglass platform.has anyone done this surgery and if so is it very difficult.i would call myself a jack of all trades so im not worried if i can complete the task just wondering whats under those boxes or if its even feasable.if you have instructions or pictures before and after that would be boat is an 1850 ss.thanks in advance

    It surprises me how many people don't like the back to backs - I personally love them for their flexibility.

    Anyhow, the short answer is yes its possible to convert to captains chairs and there are numerous threads in these forums about doing so. Lots with complete how-tos and pictures. The current seat bases contain flotation material, which as per others, can be removed at your own risk.

    Just one thing though. Please hold onto your old parts after removal as some parts are in demand with others here on the forums. Check with user qbayle on the "Lounge or back to back seat base parts" or somesuch thread as he is looking for some slider bases. Yours might suit him.



      yea I've done a search and found only a couple threads on here but nothing like mine since the mounts are fiberglassed in not bolted so thats why i was wondering if anyone has any input on the demolition before i start cutting fiberglass.kinda a no turning back point if i start.was hoping to know what was under those boxes before it start cutting.


        I removed the back to back seats in my '00 1850. It is a pain in the a** to say the least. but i used and oscillating tool and went all around the edges with it and it pried right up. Be warned, you might not like what you find under there. water had gotten under mine and started to rot the deck, (stringers were ok thankfully) and the flotation foam was completely saturated in that section. needless to say i replaced the deck and glassed it the right way. and now am going with Durabak 18 for the floors and 1 captians chair and one new back to back seat new.

        I have pictures i can post later today or tomorrow. I should have started my own restoration thread, but i didn't.


          I want to put Captain chairs in my 1802 and get rid of the back to backs....At this time I lack the courage to bring this issue up with the wife. This conversion would free up a lot of room in the boat.


            another suggestion would be to hold off till the boating season is over, if you can, cause you never know what you are going to find when you start taking things apart and you may miss most if not all of the nice weather.

            I luckly started my in december, it allowed plenty of time to research the best methods to my restore and gave me time do it right.

            Do you have any pics?


              That's a good point. Might make this my writer project. Yes I would live to see pictures. Really wish I could see pics of the initial box removal just to grasp what's under there. I thought my 95 was all fiberglass and no wood. Must have been mistaken. Please post pics


                I also had to use the oscellating tool to cut all the edges of the wood because it is fiberglassed down.But you will have to fiberglass the everything once you get the floor laidHope these pics help. let me know if you have any questions.





                [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/682738=27423-2012-02-25_14-34-41_492.jpg[/img]I may have more on my camera if i can find it.


                  wow that looks great thanks so much for the pics.what year is your boat.every other one I've seen has what looks to be storage space under they're seats.mine does not.its just the fiberglass box and then the seat brackets.makes me want these things out even moreno storage space and takes up too much room.i could have sworn someone told me that the byliners were an all fiberglass hull guess they were wrong.please keep the pics coming those were more than helpful.cant wait until this winter to tear mine out.gonna stick with the advice and wait until then.


                    The hull is fiberglass. But the deck is more then likely wood encased in fiberglass.I just got finished laying down durabak 18 for the flooring.





                      Looks good. Are you going to put carpet back in or leave it alone. Where did you order it from and how many coats did you put down and how big of a can will you need. Thanks for the pics.


                        you can get it directly from the company:

                        I have it in my off-road truck and it's great. Soft to walk on and very durable. When the carpet wears out in mine I will go the same way. Only problem is that you should take the floor out and seal it from the bottom too (Epoxy or Durabak, never Polyester) as Durabak will seal the surface and all humidity will stay in the wood.

                        EDIT: oops, looks like they changed a bit since I got mine. This seems to be the official place. Make sure you get the one with UV protection (D18)


                          Great thanks