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2006 Bayliner 175. Where is my fuel filter?-gctid375621

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    2006 Bayliner 175. Where is my fuel filter?-gctid375621

    We splashed the first time last week. Well sort of, my 175BR I/O was running fine last fall but would not start at the ramp. After repeated tries I put it back on the trailer and went back home to figure it out.

    My first thought was a clogged fuel filter. I'm not experienced working on I/O engines but I thought for sure I would see an inline filter between the tank and fuel pump or between the pump and the carb but no, not that I could see.

    Where is the fuel filter in my 2006 Bayliner 175? Does it not have one?

    what size engine....your theory is right IF it has one, my 4.3L has it attached to the lower front right of the engine block(looking bow to stern).

    if i remember correctly the filter was painted over black from the factory...makes it kinda hard to find for the first time.


      The 175 only comes with a 3.0 Mercruiser option and the main fuel filter is built into the assembly that contains the mechanical fuel pump on the lower starboard side of the engine.

      Its quite small and all painted black but the lower bowl part conains a paper filter unit, it has soe wire to secure the holding nut but is fairly easy to remove.

      On my 175 I removed the filter element and put a water seperating fuel filter with clear bowl in the path of the fuel line between the tank and the pump, the new filter is mounted behind the alternator and is much better, I'm thinking of upgrading to an electric fuel pump too.


        So the filter is built into the lower section of the fuel pump. Remembering how it looks, I'm thinking it is in the bowl shaped area at the bottom.

        1. Can you remove and change it without removing the fuel pump?

        2. Can you see the bolt that holds the bowl on or is it underneath? (Kind of like the bowl on the carb of an old lawnmower engine.)



          The fitting that enters the carb also contains a filtering element. Also the fuel pickup tube maybe has a screen on it.
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            You can remove the filter bowl without removing the pump, it has some wire at the bottom to lock a single nut in place, you have to remove the wire then loosen the nut and the retaining clip will come loose and the bowl can come off.

            Its fiddly as there's not much space but if you get a torch and a mirror to help you its not actually that difficult to do.


              rc42a wrote:

              but if you get a torch.
              I know that means flashlight where you come from, but the idea of changing a fuel filter using a torch makes me chuckle


                I will check out the filter the next time I get the chance. A big thanks to everyone for your explanations, examples and your help.


                  just a thought... you did make sure the kill switch is in the on pos on the shifter?