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    2005 - 205BR Snap Cover-gctid367582

    Greetings from Virginia!

    We recently purchased a 2005 205 Bowrider. We just put it on the water this week and decided we want to purchase a snap cockpit cover. The boat came with a bow snap cover, but wanted something to completely cover the boat while in the slip. We currently have a full trailer cover that attaches with suction cups. We will have some standing water after it rains, and we haven't perfected the best way to put the cover on. Does anyone have information as to if a cockpit cover was made for that model? I see one listed for a 2009 205BR but I wasn't sure if it would fit after the snaps were installed. Any help that can be provided would be appreciated!


    There is not one listed in the on-line parts manual. ( ) However, any local canvas shop should be able to make one for you. I had the set up you are thinking of on my prior boat (1996 2050 LS) and my current. I get/got some leaking where the cockpit cover meets the bow cover by the windshiled. I have just ordered a one piece custom cover to hopefully resolve the problem.

    If you are OK with a little water in your boat, the set up you are thinking of has to pluses in my opinion:

    1) The bow cover makes a great wind screen on cool days

    2) It is easy to put on, take off and store.


      Did check 2006 205's.. it was listed in the online parts manual... might want to check with your dealer and see if it would work...

      (part #1752975 205BR 04,CANVAS,CKPT CVR MEDTW)

      But still think best bet is a local canvas shop.