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Anyone swap out their stereo head unit?-gctid366339

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    Anyone swap out their stereo head unit?-gctid366339

    I went to install an IPOD input for my water tunes. I got the I-pod Installation hard wired power and removable mount installed. I also got the J-Port for IPod input to the stereo installed, wisely using a blank gauge filler instead of drilling through the dashboard. However, I now find that the stereo head has no Aux In? DOH! I know, I know, assume makes an a$$ out or u and me. But, I digress.

    It's been quite a while since I installed a stereo in my old 175 but I bought that one off a BOCer and was quite happy with it but it went with the boat when i sold it. Now, I am out of touch with the market. I need a good Single DIN Marine Stereo receiver, that has an Input for Ipod tunes. I don't need a bazillion watts or a separate amplified, just need to run 4 6" speakers well. Probably 200 Watts, 4 x 50 will do fine. Already have decent speakers installed. Also, would like to have red display option if possible.

    Would love to hear of any for sale or suggestions as to what brand to buy, or better yet, what brands to avoid.

    I started down the path of using a Marine head unit and found to get what i wanted was going to cost a small fortune.

    In stead I got a really good car head unit from JVC, it has inputs everywhere and enough power to drive 2 x 6x9" and 2x 5" front speakers. I pod plugs in and works fine just from the front jack and it has a remote I can control from the wheel.

    I would like to see photos of your set up mind you.

    It has a detachable face so I take it off when not being used and it is in a sealed marine case so no issues with water etc.

    This saved me $$$$, and I have had it for 3 years now with no issues, Even if it dies I can buy another one and still not have spent as much as a good Marine one.


      I've been using a Kenwood KTS-MP400MR for about three years now with no problems at all.

      You can switch the display colors as well. Don't think they make this model anymore but I'm sure you can find one online somewhere.

      *EDIT* just realized you want single DIN, I think this is like 1.5


        I had to replace mine last year and I replaced it with a KENWOOD KMR440U. It is a very good unit-I'm not totally sure how much it cost though, perhaps around $150 including shipping.

        Quick specs: ÔÇóFull Bandwidth Power: 22 watts RMS x 4 channels (at 4 ohms, 20-20kHz, 1% THD)

        ÔÇóMaximum Output Power: 50 watts x 4 channels

        It does not have red lettering though...I have not bought it yet but it has a relatively inexpensive wired remote that's compatible with it.


          Syzygyone wrote:

          Would love to hear of any for sale or suggestions as to what brand to buy, or better yet, what brands to avoid.
          I'm going to be swapping out my stereo here soon. I heard Fusion is good. But they look expensive. Do you want iPod control or just a Aux In port?

          I have a cuddy and little kids. I'm looking for a DVD unit with a video out so I can mount a small video display in the cuddy or somewhere. Till I do that, I think the JVC suggestion is the way to go. $50 with Aux in plug and the SiriusXM external unit from my car. Probably use my home kit for the SiriusXM display.

          Post what you do with pics.


            my 175 didn't have the stereo option initially, so i went to gander mtn and they have a water-case for normal stereos, $20 i think, and comes with a couple of mounting options. I had an old car stereo i used without issue so far (only 1 season used). The car stereo route gives you a lot more options if you want remote, iPod input, etc. I found trying to find a decent combo of options i wanted that was marine-grade was going to be expensive. For now, i figure basic car stereo head unit and speakers are way to go. Even if they go bad, they're not nearly as much to replace, and i'm not in a saltwater area, so have less corrosion to worry about as well, and I trailer my boat, so it's not on the water all the time, which helps too...


              I'm on my third deck currently. The latest one is a Kenwood with an AUX IN right on the front panel and a wireless remote. I've been real happy with the quality of the Kenwood. I usually feed tunes to it via MP3 player, but even with CD's, it rarely skips even in the roughest of conditions. When it comes time to install a new deck, I will go with Kenwood again in a second.
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