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    I have though about changing the bunks to rolers however someone told me bunks are better for the boat as the load is spread more evenly. Makes sence to me.

    I have sprayed my bunks with silicone spray, this definately help with the slide.

    I would like to lift the boat a little higher on the trailer to clear the guards, 4 inches would do it. Has anyone done this?


      tbkohl wrote:
      Back the trailer down till the fenders are just about under.

      No powerloading for our baby.

      Just a smooth slide up on the bunks.

      Snug it up with the winch.
      I do the same get wheel fenders just under water and winch the boat on by hand, easy peasy. Goes on very easy by hand. But if the fenders are 1 or 2 inches above the water it's hard to get on and off, they must just be under water to get the bunks wet.


        LazyBouy19 wrote:
        Interesting read.

        I power load every single time!! Hmmm, maybe I won't anymore. But im not thrusting much at all when doing it, just a tiny shot a couple times to get the last foot or so to be able to hook up the safety chain. Then I hook up the winch line and winch a little bit until it is pretty hard to winch. then I drive out and when on level ground i winch the rest of the way. It takes everything I have to winch it all the way when it is still in the water, and I don't want to break anything on the winch.

        It seems most people on here don't have to put their trailer in very far to get the boat on. I have to have my fenders and rub pads at least a few inches or more under water, and even then it doesn't glide on far enough to hook up the safety cable. That is when i give it a couple easy shots of the throttle to get a few more inches. Plus I grew up watching everyone do this.
        As the saying goes, whatever floats your boat... But I've been boating for over 20 years and have always powered my boats on the trailer, and never had a problem. I basically bring it up at idle speed, which usually brings me over halfway up on the trailer. I will then CAREFULLY ease in a bit of power (drive up about halfway) to get me on the rest of the way. I then winch it up the last few inches, if needed, then pull it off the ramp.

        Easy, peasy, especially since I'm usually doing all this by myself.


          LazyBouy19 wrote:

          But im not thrusting much at all when doing it, just a tiny shot a couple times to get the last foot or so