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    "r_255" post=814495 wrote:
    I am so disappointed, since i got it back with the fixed engine and exhaust modification i have nothing than trouble.

    The motor doesn't run very well on low rpm, its almost like its running out of gas and chokes and shakes violently. So i raise the rpm a bit and then it gets better

    but then with out touching anything the rpm gets raised and the boat picks up speed. On high rpm the motor runs fine, but i rather keep myself to the local speed limits....

    VVM did throw an error, so today i went back to the dealer and they hooked up the motor to their diagnostic system and they did not see any error they did see mine thru the service part of VVM ( your dealer can monitor your motor active if he would like to)

    Hey tried the boat and told me they will come back later on to solve the issue. I started with the 3hrs trip back home and 4 times my motor stalled and the problems are getting worse.

    I am so sick of it that i am at the point of returning the whole set to the seller and go to court to request a full refund. This motor has got more hours in the repair shop than it has been running on the water.
    Very frustrating. It is hard enough here in the states to find competent outboard must be near impossible in Europe. This sounds like a simple issue for a competent shop.....perhaps IAC, injector, sensor, or minor adjustment.....

    Boats should be about relaxation and enjoyment, not about unreliable frustration.



      This is the error i have got and it did not show and the diagnostic laptop with mercury dongle.

      This is the most competent shop in Amsterdam i guess, they do all mercury motors including the race models, but i am not capable to judge competence.

      They did support me on the water intrusion, but are in between me and Brunswick EMEA.

      What strikes me most is that i did reveal some kind of flaw in exhaust system and could save Brunswick a lot of money and a bad reputation but they dont seem to care at all, just pay the bill.

      I guess we all agree that a emergency stop at 6/7 kmh should be possible with out wrecking your motor. I did not go in reverse direction i did stop... and still they keep on hiding behind this sentence in the manual. Water intrusion is always a user error.

      Its just like you say it 6104696 : its all about relaxing on the water with your boat..... But i did not mention that i did stall on piece of water where large cruise ships and trawlers go by and did crash into an other huge steel boat side because the waves where that high that i could not hold the boat of with arm power. You can see it coming and desperately try to restart your engine. I dont even want to look at the damage. I am just so sick of it... after that it happend at the lock, when entering and leaving... perfect with all other boats waiting to get out. I did come home, but had to go harder than i am allowed else the motor did stall and i could not dock proper because going to reverse did stall the motor to.

      Today i trailer ed the boat i had a new issue, the motor did run in neutral i switched to fwd and nothing happend, raised the rpm and the motor kept on running in neutral.

      Did a full throttle and not any reaction... Back to neutral and to reverse same thing. The gas handle needs a lot of power to move when the motor has stalled but when i push it a few times hard the engine does start again.


        I question the shop's competence only because, based on your description of the issue, in my opinion a competent shop would not have let the boat leave the shop in such a state. Best of luck getting it sorted.


          Thanks, and i agree with you.... but this is the best there is in miles and i have to deal with them.

          But if i get a error in vvm that says go to the dealer for service and the dealer does not get any error on the mercury diagnostic tool then there is something wrong either with the implementation.

          They are trained and get their support tools from Brunswick, but i had to point them on the function that the preferred dealer can see all the info my VVM collects about service and diagnostic.

          So i guess Brunswick is not training their dealers that well either here in Europe.

          Yesterday they have been checking gas flow and dirt or water, but nothing.... I did wrote an other email to Brunswick, but after my experience in the past i am expecting 0.

          Next thing is the making a notice of default at the dealer where i bought the set and then return it.

          I really feel that Brunswick EMEA doesn't care at all about their customers.... as i get more support here on the forum by fellow boater then i ever had from them.....


            "r_255" post=808937 wrote:
            Okay, i am done with Mercury.....

            I did call with the head office ( EMEA ) in Belgium several times and the asked me to send a email. One week later i did not recieve anything and i did call again. No sorry we did not receive your email, but will check. Oh yes we did receive your email.

            One week later, still no sign of life... so i tried to call again..... 5 times i had, sorry we are to bussy to pick up the phone, the 6th they where out of lunch and the 7th the guy in needed to talk to wasnt in place if could call back later. I tried another day and again the guy wasn't in and i placed a request to call me back.

            6 Weeks later there isnt any sign of life of Brunswick EMEA, the dealer is waitng for his money and he made me an offer i am accepting, in the end i have to pay 1234,- euros and he throws in a veselview mobile. As i dont want the dealer wait to long for his money, i did accept the offer. On top of that i lost my dad last weekend, so there are other priorities going on in my life at the moment.
            Had similar warranty related problems with Merc. Won't ever buy another. I feel your pain.
            1990 2755 - sold
            2005 275 current vessel