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    Would boat insurance cover this failure?


      Well, that's is a good one and something i was thinking about to.... But I just heard that they are going to replace the complete motor part under warranty ( the top ).

      I am not sure what made them decide this, but to me it still feels like a strange situation. Sure i am happy, but still wonder what i ever did wrong to break it like this.

      At least now i do understand what did happen, but it still strikes me why..

      For sure i'll have a good test drive with the mechanic before i accept the boat back as repaired.

      So my 1st season is down with 16hrs on the clock, lets hope next season is going to be a better one as i rather be enthusiastic.

      Thanks for all support!


        I brought this to Bayliner's attention. I cannot speak to what happened after I did that, but regardless, it looks like this story has a happy ending.

        DO NOT sign ANYTHING that removes their responsibility to fix it if it happens again.
        Matt Train
        BOC Site Team
        Chicagoland, IL


          Thanks for your efforts! Much appreciated!

          To be honest i hope Bayliner invests some more on customer relations, as i really felt like telling them what did happen, but no one seems to interested.

          Besides the motor issue they could learn a lot from their customers by just doing a survey. Just some kind of after sales would be in place and should improve the brand name.


            "Download_Complete" post=770337 wrote:
            I brought this to Bayliner's attention. I cannot speak to what happened after I did that, but regardless, it looks like this story has a happy ending.
            We all like Happy Endings :cheer:
            2016 75hp Element 160 w/ Smart Tabs & Sponson Drains


              Well to be honest i prefer a different kind of happy ending... and certainly not by a company who's name could be easily mistaken by gayliner :evil:

              16 november the boat will be fixed, and 16 hrs of joy in my 1st season.

              My 2 weeks of holiday full of sunshine where spoiled badly as i had invested my money in a brand new jobe omnia fun board, a set of waterski's with vests and suits, a o brian trampoline, wakeboard and even the 1st reservations where made to stay the night.

              So should i be happy ?

              Sure i am happy as the motor is beeing fixed, but:

              16 hrs of fun / the price of a bayliner xl full options + 115 hp mercury = 4000 euro a hr and that is a very expensive happy ending..

              i do know places where you can get them cheaper.... :silly:


                As it seem there is, or is going to be a exhaust modification.

                That is what my mechanic mentioned, they told him: "to order the modification kit for the exhaust."


                  Wow i cant believe they are trying to make you pay it, did you pay by credit card by any chance, you will be covered by their insurance if you open a dispute over the purchase that the boat isnt fit for purpose.


                    Hi every one, new season starts here and i do have a new top block.

                    After all they also did a exhaust modification..

                    I did not sign anything but still there is this 1400,- euro bill.... i am not going to pay !

                    i should get compensation for a missed summer and all the gray hairs they have given me.


                      Okay, i am done with Mercury.....

                      I did call with the head office ( EMEA ) in Belgium several times and the asked me to send a email. One week later i did not recieve anything and i did call again. No sorry we did not receive your email, but will check. Oh yes we did receive your email.

                      One week later, still no sign of life... so i tried to call again..... 5 times i had, sorry we are to bussy to pick up the phone, the 6th they where out of lunch and the 7th the guy in needed to talk to wasnt in place if could call back later. I tried another day and again the guy wasn't in and i placed a request to call me back.

                      6 Weeks later there isnt any sign of life of Brunswick EMEA, the dealer is waitng for his money and he made me an offer i am accepting, in the end i have to pay 1234,- euros and he throws in a veselview mobile. As i dont want the dealer wait to long for his money, i did accept the offer. On top of that i lost my dad last weekend, so there are other priorities going on in my life at the moment.


                        So sorry for your loss.

                        Boat problems seem somewhat insignificant in view of something like that. I hope that you will have some happier times ahead, hopefully on the boat or doing other things that you enjoy.



                          Thank you for your sympathy!

                          Today i got a official statement from Brunswick Marine and every one can judge for them self what i should make of this.

                          Copy and paste in Dutch :

                          De uitlaat modificatie is aangepast als een product verandering om de tolerantie te verhogen voor waterindringing van buiten af. Er is absoluut geen sprake van een structureel probleem op de uitlaat. (Water indringing kan alleen plaatsvinden bij een verkeerde handeling)

                          Translated that means :

                          The exhaust modification is done as a product change to make the tolerance for water intrusion higher. There is absolute no structural issue on the exhaust part. ( Water intrusion can only happen when used wrong )

                          Then they point me on the manual that water intrusion is always a user error and is not covered by warranty.


                            Brunswick owns Mercury




                              Yeah its one big Family!

                              Shame they don't feel so because in the end the modification of the exhaust was placing the hole where the water intrusion came from higher and they did charge me. Because water intrusion is always a user error. But enough...! as i can feel my blood start boiling again.

                              Yesterday i found some time to install the vessel view mobile, I did expected a junction box at the helm to connect the VVM.

                              But after reaching till the end of my arm and following the cable that comes from the speedo meter i decided to lift the motor hood.

                              I could see the terminator sitting on the motor side of the VesselView and plugged in the VVM module direct on the motor.

                              I started the motor and the app, thru the app you can make connection with the module. Inserted the amount of motors and added my serial, that was about it.

                              Is there anyone that ever tried to sniff those bluetooth packets between the mobile and VVM module ?


                                I am so disappointed, since i got it back with the fixed engine and exhaust modification i have nothing than trouble.

                                The motor doesn't run very well on low rpm, its almost like its running out of gas and chokes and shakes violently. So i raise the rpm a bit and then it gets better

                                but then with out touching anything the rpm gets raised and the boat picks up speed. On high rpm the motor runs fine, but i rather keep myself to the local speed limits....

                                VVM did throw an error, so today i went back to the dealer and they hooked up the motor to their diagnostic system and they did not see any error they did see mine thru the service part of VVM ( your dealer can monitor your motor active if he would like to)

                                Hey tried the boat and told me they will come back later on to solve the issue. I started with the 3hrs trip back home and 4 times my motor stalled and the problems are getting worse.

                                I am so sick of it that i am at the point of returning the whole set to the seller and go to court to request a full refund. This motor has got more hours in the repair shop than it has been running on the water.