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Swapping the latest activity with the latest posts on the forum page.

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    Swapping the latest activity with the latest posts on the forum page.

    Now don't get me wrong I'm not complaining about the political section. Howeveeeeerrrr

    when I click on latest activity is see about 8 political posts and may be 2 boating posts. Sometimes no boating posts and I have to scroll past all that just to get to the boating posts ( being that it's a boating forum). Now I don't really care that political is there and I even sometimes participate.

    my suggestion is this. I'm no tech guy so don't know if it can be done.

    Can the latest activity be switched with the latest posts that are on the same page so we can see boating first and not mostly political first?

    I know it's been contentious in the past but im not contending it just suggesting it gets switched around. After all it is a boating forum not a political forum. A new commer might get confused.

    and now after a that I see I may have put this in the wrong section sorry
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    I agree.


      There is enough politics all over the web. Not enough boating...
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        I tried but cannot modify “latest activity” tab.

        I was able to modify the “latest topics” tab, and recommend using that, as it intentionally excludes non boating related topics.

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