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Why am I a fresh face?

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    Why am I a fresh face?

    I have contributed here for 15 years yet my profile shows I joined a year ago????????

    Hey, Other Guy. Don't feel bad. The same thing happened to me! I guess the site had a makeover a while ago. Us old timers got our history flushed and I had to sign back in as a newbie! Ahhh, these kids today! No respect. Griff


      Yeah, before the changeover a couple years ago, I had about 6000 posts. Since then, I've had about 3300, never changing by much. But nobody at the helm gives a shit...
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        Originally posted by The Other Gary View Post
        I have contributed here for 15 years yet my profile shows I joined a year ago????????
        Welcome back Gary, not much has changed around here.
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          OK guys...

          In November of 2018 we changed back to Vbulletin software. This did several really good things.
          First it got us out of the IT business. We were renting a server from Amazon which Required skills that the “average” boc Admin does not possess.
          Fast Forward to today where we hire the same software company that powers EVERY other major boating forum on the planet, and now we have compatibility with our peers, and hire the actual software company to manage our presence on the web.

          During that transition we lost a couple of sections of the forum. I forget just what these were but if the majority of someones posts were in those sections then you saw your post count go down.

          Also during that transition I cleaned up the member database. We had for example members that joined back in 2006 that had NEVER even posted one post and never visited for forum after their first day. I made the decision that if a member had not logged into the forum for one full 365 day year that their username would be recycled. That was a good decision. It not only deleted unneeded semi private information about a member, it also gave me an idea of the real number of BOC participating members. That data is critical to making sound decisions regarding how to move the BOC forward anf future proof it.
          There have been several members who have lost their usernames and old post count over this recycling of usernames. My best advice is to please visit the BOC at least once per year if want to retain your membership. It’s that easy, just one visit per year will do it.

          Gentlemen Every time we make a software transition it is a difficult decision. Every time we have lost posts. Do a post search right now and you will see ZERO posts from pre 2013, yet I joined the BOC in 2001. My goal is to never make another software brand change. As long as Vbulletin is in business they will get our business.

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