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WT-2 surf wave discussion

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    WT-2 surf wave discussion

    I’m starting this discussion because I have not been able to find any forum out there where the input is from Heyday owners talking about the wave and any modifications they have done to improve it such as ballast or wave shapers.

    I have a 2018 WT-2 and love it so far. It puts out a great wave as is. The starboard side wave seems to always be better than port.

    Starboard wave- with me surfing and just a driver in the boat it is still surfable but not nearly as much push. With 3+ people in the boat it’s a great wave with tons of push. I typically fill both ballast tanks full move people to the surf side and drain the port ballast just enough to lean the boat a little, typically about 30 seconds to 1 minuet of draining depends on how many people are on the boat. Speed it usually around 11.5mph

    Port side wave- seems to have more prop wash that makes it into the wave so I have to slow down to 10.8. This side definitely improves with more people in the boat. I have to drain the starboard ballast much more and lean the boat more. I briefly tried a friends surf wedge for this side and it cleaned it up a little bit but I didn’t have much time to experiment with placement.

    I am am thinking about adding an 800lb bag to the ski locker and plumbing in another pump wired to one of the unused dash switches. I’m afraid this might be too much forward weight and may take away too much wave height although it would make it longer. If anyone has done any ballast experiments or modifications I would greatly appreciate any information that you learned.

    You should post pics in this thread. I need excuses to upgrade to a boat we can surf behind, lol
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      Do you not need a 3rd person in the boat as a “spotter” by law? Here in MI if you are towing a tube/skier with ANY watercraft you need a designated spotter even with a PWC. Maybe because there is nothing attached to the boat per say you don’t. I have seen only a few wake surfers here on our chain, wake Boats are not looked at favorably due to their damage to the shorelines as we are on inland lakes here, but the few “surfers” I have seen behind standard bow riders there were always at least 3 others in the boat watching the action.
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        Yes it is legally required to have a driver and observer however the lake we are on had zero other boats and we felt safe breaking the law.