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Heydey boat owners?

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    Heydey boat owners?

    0 topics 0 comments....interesting...being that this line of boats was to put the entire competition to shame based on price and performance...have they sold any of these ugly floating refrigerators?
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    No surprise, I suppose. I refer to this line of boats as "Hey-nous."

    I think part of the problem is that Bayliner's target demographic is new boat owners. The Heyday line is a very specialized series of boats, for hardcore wakeboat customers. Hardcore wakeboat customers will likely look elsewhere. Of course the question is whether customers will look to Bayliner to save tens of thousands of dollars.

    I am not a typical bayliner customer, but I buy bayliners because they are cheap, versatile boats that are easy to use, service, and sell. Hey-nous fails the "versatility" test for me (and the appearance test, but that is subjective).


      Providing a "Devil's Advocate" point of view -

      Whatever they sell, they are part of the Bayliner family, will most likely be new or relative new to the boat ownership fold, and we should welcome them in when they find their way here.

      I don't have visibility into how well they are selling, and I tend to agree with the single-focus point of view with the boat (I require all my big purchases to be multi-taskers) but we should approach them with open minds. The boat market is fluid and changing annually.
      Matt Train
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