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Cabin bilge pump line leaking

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  • Cabin bilge pump line leaking

    Hi all. I just got a 2008 Trophy 1802 and discovered the cabin bilge pump line has a leak. Tested it with a gallon of water in the front bilge, and water never appeared at the outlet but instead leaked back into the cabin from inside the bulkhead wall. What a mess. Had to remove floor base panel and use wet vac. Opened the round inspection hatch in lower bulkhead wall and can see the black ribbed line leaked but can’t see the hole. Anyone replaced that line?

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    I’m kind of surprised no one commented on replacing a leaky cuddy cabin bilge line. I know this model can leak because it’s my second 1802 and both of them have had floods in the cuddy. And given the number of 1802’s out there, I thought someone would have gone down this road already. But maybe nobody had to replace the bilge line, or even knew it was cracked. So I will update my own post with what I’ve learned so far in the hopes it will help someone else...
    The cuddy cabin bilge pump, located under the cabin step, is not able to extract every ounce of water due to the hull fitting being a couple feet higher than the pump. So once the pump has done its job and pumped water, what’s left in the line tends to run back downhill and stops at the pump, leaving some water in the hose. And if you live in a cold enough area, that water can freeze which can crack the plastic hose material. The next time you get water in the cuddy bilge, which will happen eventually, the float switch should activate and pump water into the leaky line, causing a small flood. Or as in my case, the pump was burned out having tried to pump ice or continually pumping the same water leaking back in. And by the way, that little bilge isn’t really all that little because my wet vac canister was full when I sucked out all the water. Anyways, once I determined that I had power to the float switch, I ordered a new cartridge for the pump from Amazon. It was about forty bucks, at least half the price of the complete pump with the housing etc. I installed the new cartridge, connected the wires, turned the battery switch back on, then poured a gallon of water into the well. And that’s how I discovered the line was cracked. Because I now had water pouring into the cuddy through the carpeted cabin bulkhead. So for those of you who might have water sitting in your cuddy bilge, maybe this is why. Now I will go pick up some new hose and try to replace it and hopefully that will be the end of my cuddy flooding issues. Please reply if this is relevant to any 1802 bilge issues you have dealt with.