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Shopping for Trophy with Alaskan option and looking for pointers

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    Shopping for Trophy with Alaskan option and looking for pointers

    Greetings BOC! I'm in the market for an affordable offshore fishing boat for the general SF Bay Area, Tomales, Bodega, etc. Mostly plan to target crab, halibut and salmon and probably just me and my brother in law. Capacity for 4 would be nice, but likely a rare need. Looking for 21-26 foot (trailer-able) and the Trophy with Alaskan option has really caught my eye. Kind of shooting for the $10-20k range, so looking at older boats. Are the late 80's models too old at this point? Only looked at one so far, but it raised some questions. Are cracks like those in the photos common? Big concern? Cause? In particular, are the ones on the outside likely from an impact?

    I did kind of a quick search to try to find related posts, but got skunked. Since it's so often a semantics game with online searches, if someone wants to throw me a bone (or life preserver,) I'd appreciate it. I'd also appreciate any buyer's guide type tips or getting pointed towards existing info on that front, as well. Also kind of considering the Arimas and C-Dorys, but thinking that the ride of the Trophy will likely be appealing if I misjudge the weather a few times as a rookie and get caught in rougher than intended conditions. If anyone has experience in those two that they can contrast with the Trophy, I'm open to any input. I do understand the significant difference in the hull styles, but it's always good to hear from people who have actual experience to share.

    Normally, I'd say that if there's anyone in my area that has room and wouldn't turn town gas money you should let me know, but...covid. Living w/90yo mother in law, so gotta play it extra safe.

    Thanks in advance!!

    Hunh. Guess everybody must be out fishin'. Oh, well.


      The spider web cracking in the gelcoat is common. I have a 1988 2160 and I have similar cracks in my gelcoat. Be more concerned with transom and stringer rot. I have a friend with an Arima 17ft sea chaser and that is one sweet boat. I've also found C-dory's to be exceptional.

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        These hardtop Trophy's are hard to find. Boattrader has 2, one twin-engined.
        Keep looking.


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          I'm out in the SF Bay area and see a lot of older ones for sale. What year is yours? Hard to tell in the tiny pic for your moniker, but it looks pretty nice! The hull looks a little different than the late 80's and early 90's models I've seen, so I'm guessing it's newer. If, perchance, it is older, any tips on what a prospective buyer might focus on?

        Mine is a 1989 2159, most are 2359's that have a little larger (2ft) rear area, and as such more space between cockpit house and engine cover. This extra space is used for an extra fish locker. It also makes it possible to have a full outward opening door.


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          Nice. Thanks for the info.

        Here is a side picture of mine. Most larger ones (2359) have the engine louvers towards the back.
        The 2nd picture is from a different boat, I took the picture for an idea for the bulkhead. But the difference in rear deck size is obvious.
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          I like that rear steering station!

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          The boat with the steering on the back is not mine. I saw it up in Anchorage, I think it is a 2359. I took a picture to get an idea of my yet-to-be-built bulkhead.
          I have seen some open outward, some inward, some hinged in the middle, even one that was tilted (wider at the top than the bottom.

        The 24 foot model of this vintage, 86'ish thru 90'ish is the 2459 and 2460 depending on if it had the Alaskan bulkhead or not.

        ​​​​​​​Mine is a 89' 2459, open back.

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