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1988 Trophy, new to us ignition question

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    1988 Trophy, new to us ignition question

    Hello all,

    we recently acquired an 88’ trophy. I am new to inboards and have a few questions:

    1). The previous owner stated, to start the engine a hot jumper wire is needed to jump to the + side of the coil. Where do I start at trouble shooting this? Is there a wiring schematic for this?

    2) I believe he has to jump something to raise and lower the IO, I assume that’s a bad relay or solenoid? Where are these at?

    3) what would you suggest to replace, right off the rip.... plugs-wires-cap-rotor...etc??

    any other things I should do/check to make this a better adventure.

    it does need new batteries, the old ones are 7+ years old, wouldn’t hold a charge.

    thanks for your input!

    Welcome to BOC! What I/O and engine do you have? OEM would have been OMC cobra with either a 4 or 8 cylinder engine? At any rate the solenoids for the trim are located behind the engine on the transom. Pictures of the engine and engine compartment wiring would be helpful to see condition and perhaps steer you in a proper direction.
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      The batts have some age on them, and will probably need to be replaced as soon as the budget allows...
      as for starting the engine and operating the trim/tilt function,i would suggest you find someone who can run the basic start system electrical, as it seems you are missing power to some of the circuits... its likely to be a very quick and simple fix, but locating where the actual problem is can be difficult for someone who doesn't yet have the grasp of wiring circuits in boats... they are still fairly simple, but different than automobiles....

      all the other stuff that can be replaced for a tune up should be left alone if its running good now... dont try to fix what aint broke, as its unlikely that you can make it better, but always a chance that it can be made worse, which commonly happens...

      There are wiring schematics for the boat that can be found online...
      Just keep in mind when troubleshooting the wiring, the NEGATIVE side needs to have as much attention as the hot circuit, as there is no common body ground on a boat, and a buss bar connection needs to be able to pass full current to/from the battery to be considered an acceptable ground/negative connection for the circuits, no matter if its a positive or negative buss connection..

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