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One year review Element F18

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    One year review Element F18

    Hello, Just completed my one year since purchasing an Element 18. Overall I am very happy with this boat. However there is one major weakness that surprises me that the designers disregarded. That is drainage from the Forward hatches. In the bow anchor hatch water sites in the hollow just below the U-Bolt used for pulling the boat on the trailer. This is approx 3in deep. This could have been avoided by filling this space (which I intend to do). But worse is the situation in the hatches just aft of the bow hatch, the port and stbd trolling motor battery hatches. The drain for this compartment is about 1 1/2 above the hatch deck. The water has to get about 1 1/2 deep in this space before it reaches the bottom of the drain. This is enough to flood the battery tray. It also causes the bottom of the wooden bulkheads between compartments to sit in water, never good. Anyone have any good ideas to address this? This is just bad design. Any drains should be at or near the lowest parts of compartments.

    I just picked up my F18 on 8/28. I noticed the water sitting up at the front in the anchor locker too. While I was looking it over, I noted the same issue with the front drains that you did. I don't have a solution as of yet. I'm guessing the water from those drains go into piping, and gets flushed out the same hole as the live wells. That would mean the bilge should remain relatively dry. If this is the case, and since the boats have an automatic bilge pump (according to the manual) a solution may be to add a drain hole to the rear and lowest part of that compartment,and let the water drain into the bilge. That's NOT something I am going to do without more research! I'm not sure how much wood is in this boat, and I don't want to cause anything to fail prematurely. Besides, I'm sure adding any drains to the compartments will void the warranty on the hull. If I come up with anything, I'll add it to this post.


      Don't assume any boat has an automatic bilge pump even if it is in manual. That is an option on Bayliner and the dealer needs to select that option when ordering. Its best to confirm by visually checking and doing a test to confirm it works with the key and master battery switch off. My boat had a manual pump so I added float switch.
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        I'll be on season 5 with my F18, come next Spring (got mine in 2017). What you've pointed out is really the only issue I have with the boat as well. That, and the T Top needed some extra support, but that's really it.
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