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Smart tabs for e-16

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    Smart tabs for e-16

    Cannot deal with the porpoising any longer
    looking into smart tabs
    75 up By entering the boat info into their website they recommend this model.....SX 9510-40.
    Anyone know if this is the proper model?
    And if so how well did the smart tabs assist in stopping the bouncing!
    Many thanks for any advice

    I have had my boat since 2016 and use it all summer, every summer.

    This is what I wrote about smart tabs in 2018 and still hold true today:

    "I had trim tabs installed on my Element 16 upon purchase and it is one of the best decisions I have made boating. It comes on plane within several seconds with a full load and I have never had a problem with porpoising. I am using it in ocean and bay type settings and having a blast. I actually have to make the boat porpoise on purpose (based on the amount of trim I apply with motor..) ............."

    I don't know the brand as the dealer didn't specify in the bill of sale and the boat is already in the water on the coast of Maine!

    Good luck and get the tabs on ASAP for best results.


      Thank you for the advice.

      Do you have the type you manually control up by the helm or those that say they self-adjust which is my understanding of how the smart tabs work?

      Leaning towards the self adjusting type..... especially on a boat and more so in saltwater, less mechanical - electrical things to break down all the better


        Sorry for the delay. Playing this weekend! I assume they are the self adjusting type. My boat stays in the water all season at the dock behind my house so I can't really tell. All I know is this is the least maintenance boat I have ever had and it always works well. Good luck.


          Finally got the trim tabs tabs, self adjusting type
          today is install day
          Unfortunately it looks like the depth finder installed by the dealer has the transducer right where I need to out the starboard trim tab!