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What is the most your Element e16 been capable of?

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    What is the most your Element e16 been capable of?

    Hey all!

    new to BOC, & glad to find it! Would you guys mind sharing some stories about the most you've been able to do with your Element 16's ? Max weight and still be able to plane with just passengers, or with pulling a tube or wakeboarder?

    I have my eyes on the bayliner element 16 w/75hp motor and want to hear some feedback from owners regarding it's overall performance(I'm fairly settled on the 75hp option as I want as much power as possible). I have also ogled over the E18 w/115hp but I am pretty restricted by garage space (20.5ft) and the garage is the only place it can go(no other parking options. I guess I could look into putting the prop in-between wallstuds and frame out the garage doors into the driveway to make more space but that sounds like a lot of work....🤔)

    Where I come from in boating is that I currently have a 2003 whaler 130 sport w 40hp merc that I love, but can't get it to plane with more than 700lb of passengers, (tried prop change etc) which means that if I even have just my two parents and wife in the boat, we are limited to snail-pace cruising! And I'd preferably like to be able to take even more passengers than that for cruising the beautiful waterways up here in the PNW.

    We also want to get into more watersports and be able to take family, friends, church group, etc out on the boat cruising and tubing maybe some wakeboarding/skiing. The Element 16 seems like the perfect choice for what we want in a boat and considering my garage restriction, but I'm worried I still won't be able to do what I want even with the biggest motor option 75hp for the element 16.... Any experience from current owners is appreciated! What's the max you've been able to push around with your element 16?!

    I have the F16 (same hull) the boat for me, has been awesome. I use for fishing, tubing etc. I have the merc 75hp on mine and think the boat is perfect with that engine. The 60HP I have heard a lot of people complain about performance with more then two or 3 adults. I have had 4 not thin adults on mine plus a couple kids and boat has got up on plane and performed well. I use the boat in LI sound so I have to pick my days if I am going out as it can get a little rough if leaving the bays (when windy) which I do all the time. That said I have been out when it is fairly rough and she does ok you just have to take your time in those conditions. All in all I have 0 regrets with my decision. I should also mention she is very stable at rest.


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      Good input, this is what I'm looking for! I think I would definitely classified as a not-thin adult! I'm about 205lb. can you give a rough estimate as to how many pounds you had in the boat when you had the 4 adults and 2 kids ?

    I would say about 800lbs


      more horse power is always a welcome addition to any boat... but I dont have any information specific to the E series....

      as for garage space, converting to a folding trailer tongue may help, but if by measuring the garage space and you find that you have less than a foot to spare to fit the boat in, it probably wont fit like you think it should.

      lowering the motor/drive can save about a foot or more also...and make sure the bigger boat isnt too high to fit in the garage door..

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        I had a Larson 18’ bowrider with 90hp Johnson in my garage with a couple feet to spare. So, I thought i could get a something bigger in there.
        The Bayliner E16 is actually bigger than the Larson! No way the 18’ would have fit in my garage.
        And mine came with the folding tounge, I think they all do.
        When I bought mine, I really did not have any choices. Boats were selling like hot cakes in Florida since they were the only way to get to the beaches. (During covid outbreak)
        Huntington Beach, California
        2018 Element 16
        Currently looking for 32xx in South Florida
        Former Bayliners: 3218, 2859, 2252, 1952


          OK, what everyone has said is true. One thing I added at the time of purchase were trim tabs. This helps get you on plane (75 horse) in about 5 seconds. Yesterday we ran the boat with 5 adults and 1 child. Total weight: Close to 1000 pounds. Ran great! Planed up in 8 seconds in choppy seas. I bought this boat is 2016 and have not had 1 problem with it.....(Knock on wood). It is much more boat than 16 feet should be......Fishing, boating, tubing. All great
          Good luck