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Bimini Position while trailering?

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    Bimini Position while trailering?

    I just purchased a e18 this week and have not trailered it yet (keep it in a wet slip). However, I will trailer it occasionally to bring home for cleaning, visiting other lakes, etc., and was wondering what position do you put the Bimini in? It seems really flimsy in the closed position like it would wobble lab I and forth, and if you lay it flat, it is just resting on the boat which has no protection or clips. This seems strange to me. My pontoon had support legs that were about 4” long, so the Bimini was just about flat and not resting on the boat.

    What are you guys doing?

    The bimini cover was lost before I purchased my boat but I don't seem to miss it. I lay the bimini forward and wrap the two forward leashes around the folded bimini and drive. I usually do not exceed 50 mph and have had no problems. When I go to the near my home boat ramp I sometimes set up the bimini and sports arch at home to save time at the ramp. I never exceed 45 mph with the bimini up.


      My suggestion is dont trailer with bimini deployed unless your going a few blocks to the ramp...if a truck passes or gust of wind it could be ugly.

      not sure of your setup, but mine stays in upright position....I wrap it in dock line to keep bimini cover tight as it flaps otherwise.

      I have front support poles and rear is secured with straps when deployed....may be different from yours but if ya post pics it would help.

      mine will wobble, but holds can see how mine is in my avatar pic and that's how I trailer it
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        We owned a Ciera Sun bridge for many years, I used the following rational for when to tow Bimini out or stowed never had a problem.

        That boat was designed with factory rating spec of 35mph top speed, I figured then the Bimini was designed to take a reasonable amount of choppy water at that speed and some safety factor beyond. When I went to the local ramps they were on typical arterial speed limits 30mph and would often leave the Bimini out. When I went up north to the San Juan’s I had over 90 minutes of freeway, always put the top rolled up into the zip cover, did not drop the main bar clear down. But it was rolled up. Never had any issues in about 15years of ownership.

        of course this would depend on the Bimini structure. On the Ciera the main arch pole was supported by two forward struts. When the Bimini was stowed it stood up on its own.
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          I made a support out of PVC. The bimini rests on it when I lay it back and the support also serves to hold the rear cushions from blowing out of the boat when trailering. I bungee the bimini to the grab handle in the center rear of the boat.


            I tow my E-18 with Bimini like this. Not a problem.


              With the short lateral support bar on the port side in place, mine seems pretty stable. I doubt that routine trailering is gonna put more stress on it than bouncing through a chop at 30 mph.

              I would never trailer with the top "deployed." The question for me is whether I trailer with the bimini bar "up," "down," or in the back of the truck. It causes a lot of wind resistance when up (even when not deployed), and in the summer will get a lot of "bug splat."

              For me, up for short drives, down (and secured) for longer/faster drives, or in the car (or in the garage) for long drives if that is an option. Its big so it won't fit in many vehicles, but the two times I brought it to the dealer for warranty work I left the bimini in the garage and put on the mooring cover when I dropped tha boat off (the factory cockpit cover can be installed with the bimini bar up, the factory mooring cover cannot).

              I never trailer with ANY canvas "deployed."


                We trailer ours(as shown to else by the dealer) like this. On the right of the picture you will see a support pole on an angle, that keeps the Bimini steady without side to side movement. 5 years now no issues.


                  Originally posted by MickTXK View Post
                  I tow my E-18 with Bimini like this. Not a problem.
                  I spoke with our dealer, and this is exactly what they suggested. They even recommending trailing with the cover to prevent the cushions from blowing away. They stated they have confirmed this with bayliner.

                  Here’s mine:


                    Originally posted by Louscrw View Post

                    I spoke with our dealer, and this is exactly what they suggested. They even recommending trailing with the cover to prevent the cushions from blowing away. They stated they have confirmed this with bayliner.

                    Here’s mine:
                    Until you start peeling snaps off on the highway. I tow with a pickup truck. Not sure about other vehicles, but when towing there is a LOT of downforce hitting the cover at the bow of the boat. I'd wonder how that affects the expected longevity of the cover. I'd LOVE to tow with that snap cover on. It would be expensive to replace that cover though.


                      Here' s how I look at it. If I'm going to tow the boat for a long distance FASTER than my top speed that my boat does, I lower the top and strap it down. Towing with snap cover in my opinion is VERY BAD advice. This will cause snaps to rip, and snaps loosen on the boat. Those tops are not meant to drive with they are for storage. I do agree that towing with TOW-ABLE cover is a good idea. These covers have straps not snaps. They have straps that go over the boat and under the boat and an elastic rope to keep it snug against the hull. I have a cover from Sealskin. I have had foe 5 years and use at mostly as a winter cover. Still repeals water and is in good condition.
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                        On our 800 mile move to Georgia from Michigan on all the boat, I total reclined the Bimini tops and used “noodles” split down the middle as a bumper cushion against anything that the Bimini touched while totally down. Wrapped the “noodles” in a few spot with duct tape to be sure they didn’t come issues running down here 75mph steady.
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                          I also tow my e-18 in up right zipper cover on. I have towed even leaving late from fort DeSoto on I 75 South with it still fully opened. I didn't notice was open till going over skyway bridge. Longer story.. haven't had any problems 2 years. It looks like most E18 have mentioned cross support bar to stabilize where the e16 don't. So if yours is the same as MickTXK picture your good up in zipper or wrapped in some kinda rope/bungge.