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Bayliner Element - Store In Water?

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    Bayliner Element - Store In Water?

    We're currently looking into 2 possible boats to replace our '07 SeaDoo Speedster 150 Jet Boat - an Element or a Yamaha AR190. If we go the Element route we're leaning towards used for the big cost savings over new. The big plus of the Bayliner compared to the Yamah is the huge up-front cost savings, but I do have a few concerns. This site has been a fantastic resource for learning about the Elements and its quirks. After browsing all of the threads relating to the water-in-sponson issue, I have a few questions for owners out there...

    - Can an Element be safely and reliably stored in the water for 5-6 months at a time (not on a lift - the slip is uncovered, boat would have a cover on it when not in use) in a protected marina? (E16, E18, or XL regardless of year built). I do not want to have to pull the boat out of the water even once a month to drain the sponsons. We would install a bilge-pump with an auto float (that's what we've had in our boat, never had an issue. In the NW we don't get a lot of rain during boating season).

    - Can/will the foam inside the sponsons soak up water over time, making the boat heavy and thus deteriorating performance?

    Thank you for your insights!

    Does anyone have any comments on leaving the boat in the water at a marina when not in use? We're going out to look at boats this week and would like to know whether I should even consider the Element given that we would keep it in the water.


      I dn't have an Element but I see a lot of them in slips at the local Marinas all summer long.
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        Does anyone know if the foam inside the sponsons soak up water over time, making the boat heavy and thus deteriorating performance?


          Mine is in the water for the season. I remove about a cup of water from each sponsons in the fall by removing the after market plugs installed free by my dealer.

          However, 3 important things to know;
          1) Always cover the boat, when not in use.
          2) Make sure you have a working automatic bilge pump (connected directly to the battery)
          3) Remove the “red key” when boat not in use. Even when the ignition key is turned off and removed, there is current to the radio, keeping the radio logo on 24/7 and thereby slowly draining your battery.

          Other than that, just enjoy your boat, on or off the water.
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            I have a 2016 and have no trouble with storing it in the water for the season. Everyone who rides in it loves it by the way!