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Waterlogged seat cushions! Am I alone?

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    Waterlogged seat cushions! Am I alone?

    As someone was mentioning vinyl cleaning products, I decided to ask if anyone is having the same issue as I am with waterlogged seat cushions. These cushions have wood inside and im sure it's not the good wood either. My clips have already been ripped out of this waterlogged wood and have had to be moved once. I was wondering if anyone thought that a silicone spray would keep the water from getting into the wood and may protect them better? Do you think it would make the cushions too slick? My kids step on these cushions to get in and out of the boat and by the end of the day, they weigh a lot. I can stand them upright and water will drain for 2-3 days. I know the wood inside has got to be getting destroyed. I'm beginning to wonder how long these cushions will last. And if they will last long enough for me to get my Tahoe 1950. For me the bayliner have been great starter boats, but some of the issues with the element are just ridiculous engineering practices.

    I've have a 2014 Element and have not had any cushion issues related to retaining water? We step on them all the time wet, I've never had one waterlogged. Have you inspected where the water is accessing the inside?
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      I have had zero issues with water-logged cushions. We've got the sand interior and keep the cushions inside the house when not in use (in pristine condition).

      My two kiddos, wife, parents and myself dump water all over these cushions when we are out playing in the water and then getting back in the boat. It's been out nearly 40 times since we've had it.

      My Element's a 16ft 2016 model (and not perfect), but has been relatively hassle free. However, the trim (trim-up) stopped working this past weekend, and I brought the boat to the dealer to have that repaired as well as get the 100hr engine servicing performed. So, now I am boatless
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        You really can’t leave any upholstery out in the weather and expect it to hold up. Be it rain or they tear upholstery up so it’s always best to keep things covered somehow or inside. Weather is relentless and it takes no prisoners.


          nothing can seal it now.... the damage has been done and it will have to either be rebuilt or replaced.
          the problem is the wood already has rot started in it, so that cant be stopped, and the cushions are going to continue to leak unless you get some 5200 and rub into the seams....

          new supple vinyl seat coverings that are sewn properly can create a water resistant seam (NOT waterproof) until the vinyl gets a couple years on it, then the vinyl begins to dry and the seams will relax to allow water to pass thru easily.

          as for bayliners being starter boats, the first boat one owns is always a starter boat, no matter what brand it is... and it matters little what brand or model you buy, there will always be issues that you will want to change or that seem like a engineering blunder.... but as true boaters, what we do is not complain about our ride, and as long as the hole the hull makes in the water is big enough and affordable to us, we change and upgrade the rest of the boat until it IS what we want... and again, it doesnt matter what brand one buys, or how much they pay, changes are needed to make the boat all we want it to be..

          its not about how much one can spend, or brand names, but how nice of work we can do in customizing what we have to make it our OWN.... but I will agree that a lot of times we do just need a bigger boat as our center of attention and ongoing PROJECT that is never finished, but is only an on gong series of never ending events.... a work boat is an expensive tool, but a pleasure boat is an expensive hobby...

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