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Advice on buying 2003 Bayliner 209sd w/ 150 Merc Saltwater 2stroke

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    Advice on buying 2003 Bayliner 209sd w/ 150 Merc Saltwater 2stroke

    I'm hunting for a multi-purpose, family boat for enjoying the PNW many activities: small body boating, skiing, wakeboarding; larger body cruising, transporting; and, some fishing/crabbing on both.
    I've decided a 19-25', bow rider with sufficient power and large/tough enough to handle some big water chop; comfy enough to please my four female sunbathers (wife & 3 teen dghtrs); and not too pretty so I might get it dirty. My search was also constrained by a limited-risk budget incase the family doesn't take to boating. (<20k) That puts me in late 90s, early 2000 models.
    I have reviewed a lot of Bayliners (too many in 3L/18'), SeaRays, a Chaparral, a Regal, a Crownline, several Maxums & Reinells. The one that might best fit all my needs is a '03 Bayliner 209 Sun Deck I found: They are asking $16,750. I think its worth closer to $10k, but won't get them there. Max $13k.

    I'd like your advice on:
    1. I think it is overpriced given it's condition and limited on features.
    2. How's the 150 Merc Saltwater - strong enough to push around this 22'?
    3. This generation of sun deck changed a bit to today's versions. Can I find parts? Options? Canvas?

    Thank you in advance!


    I've got nothing too useful to add but my previous boat was essentially the IO version of this one. It had a 5.0 when we got it, after discovering it had a cracked block and manifolds which the PO had "fixed" with JB weld the 5.0 was replaced with a new 5.7L. Then had some deferred maintenance issues with the out drive. Honestly stuff that a thorough inspection by a marine mechanic would have found for us. We did sea test it and it ran fact we got an entire season out of the JB welded pieces until the truth was revealed.

    The deck space was adequate for the sun bathers. Our E18 seems more user friendly in that regard. It was quite powerful with the 5.7L, my E18 is a lot lighter and has the 115 OB. I'm thinking the 2S 150 will be adequate for this boat but not overpowered by any means.

    Honestly I have no clue about prices in the PNW but around here in flyover country that would be maybe a 10k boat on a good day. It looks a bit rough cosmetically and in my limited experience that usually means they let other things slide too. Regardless of what you end up paying do yourself a favor and have it looked over by a professional. This will either ensure it is sound in good condition, provide opportunity for negotiation or prevent you from buying a turd.

    If 20k is your budget I'd either keep shopping or if this fits the bill get it as cheap as you can and plan for some expenses.


      Thanks seadoorider. I share many of your thoughts. I don't think I'll own this boat because the seller has a broker and with a middle man, I don't think I'll get a price where this boat should land. I saw a much better maintained one in FL for $8500. I do like the minimalist approach, but not at the Cadillac price. I like the space so I could do some crabbing or fishing.

      Any other 209 owners out there???


        Bump... anymore 209 owners with an opinion?


          The 2003 209sd has come down into my price range. I'd love to hear some opinions of the 209sd, Merc Saltwater 150s, or Bayliner Sundecks in general from owners... anyone?


            Can't give you any info about that model boat but I don't think you can go wronge with a Mercury OB. The 2 stroke will provide much quicker hole shot but a bit less in the fuel economy department.
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