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Gas cap replacement part for 2014 Bayliner Deck Boat 190

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    Gas cap replacement part for 2014 Bayliner Deck Boat 190

    Hello everybody:

    I hope I can get some help on this forum and that I am on the right section. I have a 2014 Bayliner 190?? Deck boat and yesterday the gas cap got stuck on the ramp and felt into the water. I would not find it so I went to two different West Marine to find a replacement, but none of them fit.
    Does any body know where I could get a replacement gas cap that can fit? A part number that I could search for? I never paid attention to this but I believe it was an Attcot or AttWood ??
    Please help and thanks

    Aren’t they more or less standard in just a couple designs? When my oddball custom cap swam away I just ordered a whole new generic filler . It fit right in with 3 Phillips screws and 1 hose clamp and cost $10. Of course mine was easily accessible and your mileage may vary there. It is an option though if you can’t find one. Make sure to stuff a rag in there or cover the hole with some plastic until you find one though if it’s not covered otherwise.
    You might try posting a picture of the filler opening to get a more exact response. Good hunting.........


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      thank you, will check on that.