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Element E18 OR E21 for Bay (rare near shore)

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    Element E18 OR E21 for Bay (rare near shore)


    I currently own at 15 Foot Saturn Inflatable with a 30 HP ETEC. That's a soft inflatable boat, so essentially flat bottom.

    I boat primarily in the Baldwin Harbor, Reynolds Channel, Nautical Mile, West Oyster Bay area on the South Shore of Long Island. I'd like to expand out to the Great South Bay, but it's not something I'm currently doing.

    I want to upgrade my boat because I really enjoy the hobby and would like to take more people and have more traditional seating.

    I am looking at some Dual Console type boats (Robalo R207, Pioneer 197, Scout Dorado 175/210) and they're obviously great boats. Unfortunately, I would like them to have more in the way of seating capacity and less in the way of fishing features.

    I'm considering the Element 18 (w/ 115) or 21 (w/ 150) (along with the VR5) and am wondering if anyone can testify on whether they'd feel safe (forget dry, not worried about it) in 2-4 feet waves. In general, what is the ride like?

    Places like The Hull Truth make it sound like being in these boats on the Great South Bay would be a death wish--is it really that unpleasant?

    Thanks in advance!

    I can't speak to the VR5 but I I would prefer a traditional V hull in the GSB chop than the E18 M hull. The M hull has some plusses, seating and stability being two of them. But it is a somewhat hard-riding, wet hull in a chop. Of the boats you mention, the R207 would be the best "rough water" boat. VR5 is probably a fine choice, too, if you like the layout. I would feel "safe" in most GSB conditions with my E18, but on a choppy day I would also have to go very slowly and would be wet. We love our E18 for tooling around, skiing/tubing, and watersports on calm days, but when the winds kicks up, we take our Robalo.