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Fitting a bow cleat

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    Fitting a bow cleat

    I've got a 'new-to-me' E16 and it's got no bow cleat. I understand that's normal. But I don't like tying the anchor line off a side cleat and want to fit a bow cleat.

    Has anyone done this? If so, how? I can't get my arm up between the hull and the inner skin to tighten any nuts, so I guess that means something like an Accon top fitting cleat? Any experience out there?

    Make a bridle to attach to both your bow cleats. Much easier, and works better too.
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      A bridle would be the simplest solution. If you really want to drill holes, look up "bow chocks." I just run a loop through my bow eye when I want a "straight" pull on the anchor line.


        A bridle does sound easy, I'm just used to having a bow cleat. If I fitted a bow chock, wouldn't I still need to get underneath to fit a reinforcing plate?


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          yes if you fit a center bow cleat, you need a substantial backing plate to prevent the cleat bolts from pulling out of the deck..

          the chocks at the edge of the deck are less prone to damaging the deck because the pressure from the anchor rode is usually passive as the rode passes thru the chock, so reinforcing is seldom used under chocks... and in most cases, the radius of the deck where the chocks are normally mounted is already a bit thicker and stronger.

          ive fitted center cleats on boats with an inner liner, and my method is to carefully mark and cut out a panel large enough to get the backing plate installed.... then after the proper install of the cleat, I take the cutout piece of liner and trim/frame it nicely with mahogany. I leave a half inch lip of wood overlapping the edge and fit it all back in the hole and used screws to hold it in place.... this is about the only way to do a professional looking job of that particular task.

          one time I didnt have enough room between the inner line and the under side of the deck, so I had to make my frame/trim deeper to accommodate the backing plate and fasteners..