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    Element e18 trailer weight-gctid827457

    I'm ordering a new element e18 soon. I was wondering if anyone knows the bare trailer weight, and whether anyone has been crazy enough to tip the trailer up sideways for storage. Thanks!

    I have never weighed mine, but I would guess 400-500 pounds or more. I can lift the tongue of my empty trailer with some effort, but that's about it (granted I am not the Incredible Hulk). Tilting it sideways would require several strong guys or lifting tackle, and would be very dangerous once tilted unless it was very carefully supported and locked into place. Also, unless you offload the weight of your low-side axle, you will surely damage your tire, and you may damage your wheel bearings by the funky unintended load on your rollers and races.

    Sounds like a bad idea to me.

    Karavan probably lists their specs, including weights, on their website. My trailer is 100 miles away at the moment, so I can't look at model number or other specs for you.....


      I stripped mine following the accident and cut the rest of the frame up for scrap. There were two of us and there were pieces that took two of us to lift. It's a bigger, heavier trailer than it appears to be.


        This may help. It has all the specs on there current trailers.
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          "Waterdowg" post=827561 wrote:
          This may help. It has all the specs on there current trailers.

          Our (or at least mine) is probably a Bayliner specific model number, and is not on the above list. Mine is a USM-2450-ST, but it has the 13 inch wheels. It probably is a modification of their 2400 pound capacity bunk trailer, which is spec'd in that list as weighing 600-plus pounds.


            I did not get the stock Bayliner trailer, got a Magic Tilt ALS 1928. It's mostly aluminum except for the tongue and axle and it weighs 500 lbs. So unless you're a big strong guy and will have some help I wouldn't recommend lifting the trailer on its side each time!
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