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Crack Bayliner Element (39)14-gctid820648

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    Crack Bayliner Element (39)14-gctid820648

    Last year after winterising my Element i noticed some cracks in upper part of the hull (above the rubber band) (correct me if i am wrong about the names...) I did not found any impact for damage. My engineer told me that these are stress cracks. Do i need to worry about these cracks?

    In point 4 of the lifetime hull warranty the following is stated:

    - Damage or deterioration of cosmetic surface finishes, including cracking, crazing, discoloration, air voids, fading or oxidation of gel coat, wood finishes (varnishes, stains and paints), fabrics, vinyls, plastics, trim tape, plated or painted metal, stainless steel finishes, anti-fouling bottom paint, or zinc anodes;

    It is definitely "broken" because i can feel the crack with my fingernail. Does this go under warranty and should i contact my dealer or is this the cosmetic surface finish?

    Anybody has any experience with this?

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      I would contact the dealer for warranty repair


        What year is the boat? If newish I'd be doing as bobmorgan suggested.
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          "builderdude" post=820706 wrote:
          What year is the boat? If newish I'd be doing as bobmorgan suggested.
          Boat is from 2014. I think i will go and contact my dealer and hope he wont say it is normal...


            Good luck. Tough to say from the photos but it almost looks like that area might have been repaired before? Maybe a pre-delivery repair from transit or mfg. damage?