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    There is no real "Factory" accessories list like you might find for a GM or Ford. Your local dealer will obtain, sell, and install whatever aftermarket accessories you finder, depth finder, rod holders, mirrors, gauges, etcetera. One nice thing about the Element series is that in terms of accessories or customization, it is like a blank canvas and you can do whatever you want and can afford. Be reasonable, though, because expensive mods to a cheap boat will not make any real difference at resale time.....and a lot of extra holes will hurt resale.....


      Attached cleats to utilize a ratchet to prevent air lift on bow cushions during towing. Also prevents air flowing through and popping the rear cushions out. Works great and provides peace of mind.
      2014 Boston Whaler 130 Sport
      2017 Bayliner Element 75hp (with may more into it than I should admit & the list is growing )

      In beautiful central Florida.
      Wife & I are always available weekends for exploring our beautiful water ways.
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        I am in the process of buying a bayliner VR5 out board. I have 2 options 115hp four stroke or 115hp four stroke XS mercury. The difference is about $1000.00 . Dealer is recommending the XS, should I get that one and pay the extra thousand?


          Yes, maybe. ECU is programmed to give you a higher WOT rpm, and the gear case is set up to handle bigger props. So if the boat is propped right, you can get a little better performance out of the same motor.

          The 115, though a great motor, does not sound like enough power for a VR5 (unless you will always have a light load, don't care about watersports, and don't mind being underpowered). I would suggest skipping the pro XS, and going for the 150, or even more.