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Please help me solve this problem!!

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  • Please help me solve this problem!!

    Please help with any ideas. I have a 2008 289 Discovery with a broken piece of plastic trim around the aft part of the transom door. I have the part numbers but cannot get the part I need. The Starboard side is available (1718378) but the port side is not (1718377). Of course it is the port side that is damaged. I have called every parts house I can find and most don't even have this part listed. I even contacted the original plastic manufacturer with their part #. No luck. I have brought the parts to several 3d printers and they had issues trying to do the CAD work. I have been trying to find creative ways to solve this problem such as metal fab or fiber glassing it in fully. I am wondering if anyone here has experienced a similar issue or has any ideas on the best solution. So far it seems like glassing it in may be the best possible idea. Thoughts?
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    Had a similar issue on the Avanti. Fibreglass guy made a new part with the old.
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      That is not a bad idea at all. Maybe they could form a new part with Fiberglass. I will discuss this with someone who doesn't hate doing fiberglass the way I do. Thank you.

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    None of the 3D printing places had a 3D scanner? Seems odd…anyway, depending on the type of plastic, most any plastic distributer that does fabrication work should be able to weld it for you. Keep in mind that if you do glass it in, that is a common failure point and you may need to repair it in the future if it is not liberally reinforced.


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      I think the 3d printing issue was 1 of 2 things. 1. I was told that they could not scan and invert the good piece and of course the other was broken so they would have to draw it and 2. I live near Boeing and all the 3d printing companies are very busy doing well paid aerospace work and don't feel like a small one off project. They do a lot of prototypes, tooling and jigging. Most I tried would not even respond. I am also missing one piece of it. Fell off some time ago.

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    I would figerglass it.

    Not make a fiberglsss part. I would use fiberglass fabric, and resin to join the pieces permenantly.

    The only reason there was a plastic part there was to save labor time during assembly of the boat.


    Whats the weather like on the boat

    Where am I right now?


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      Is there motion between the transom and the walk-through wall? If so, could the fiberglassed seam split?