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32xx turbo part # ? Option for rebuild or replace?

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    32xx turbo part # ? Option for rebuild or replace?

    Hi all,

    first time posting here and I am kinda new to the diesel game so forgive me if I’m posting in the wrong spot or I sound like I don’t know anything(I don’t really:-). We have a 1989 3288 which I suspect has Hino 210s in it judging by my research and info gathered from this forum. I will add a few pictures down below if anybody wants to chime in on this as I am a little confused by how these engines are rated) I am guessing my turbo has some carbon buildup because I can’t get my port engine past 2500 RPMs and I have changed all fuel filters and isolated tanks so I am guessing it’s not a fuel issue. I took off the air filter on both engine and the port side does not spin as freely as the starboard side which has no problem getting up to 3100 RPMs underway, this is leading me to believe it’s the turbo causing the issue. According to the records that came with the boat this was a new turbo in 2007. At any rate, looking for some advice. FYI I did talk to Harbor Marine and it sounded about $6000.00+ for a new one if I do have the 210s :-(

    OK, so what I am looking for is the following if anyone has some experience with this…
    1.clarification on hoursepower
    2. part # if anybody has it for the turbo.
    3. Recomended places to recondition the old one(I can remove)
    4. Any suitable aftermarket replacements that do not cast $6000+

    thnx all in advance!
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    I believe 1989 3288s had Hino 150 - WO4CT engines as an option. According to Bayliner, 210s were not offered as a factory option. ( . Maybe your boat had 210s retrofitted? Your engine configuration definitely looks different than my 1991 which has the 150s - particularly around the turbo inlet. Not much help I’m afraid


      locate a diesel pump repair shop and they can put a new cartridge in the turbo for about half the cost of a reman.... or do it yourself for only the cost of the cartridge... the cartridge is the center section of the turbo, which is all fully assembled with new impellors and bearings... you just swap the housings from the old cartridge to the new one....

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        Thnx for the info. I’ll look into the cartridge and see if I can find some more info on the 150s. I’ll repost if I can figure it all out.


          We have just had the port turbo die. Trying to source replacement here in France, or EU generally seems hard. Our engineers are searching. New, recon/standard exchange or cartridge. If anyone has info it will be very helpful.
          Hino WO4CT 150hp. Part number probably 24100 though there seem to be assorted variants with different numbers following the 24100 such as 3270C or 1590A ...
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            My port turbo was frozen when I bought boat last night. I bought a rebuild kit off Ebay, planning to do rebuild myself.
            So far I haven't been able to get the hot section apart. I have to move the boat before winter, So I just ordered one off Alibaba for $776 air freight delivered. Ebay has for $800ish and amazon for $1K.

            Will let you know how it works out.

            Local turbo shops where not a lot of help, their price was going to exceed the cost of a new one. And they couldn't find parts (OEM), I found parts aftermarket.



              Hi all,

              Here is the update...

              Changed the Turbo (found one on Ebay for a $800.00) and all seamed fine for the first few minutes of running. As soon as I took it out of the marina and opened her up a bit, the temp rose up to 200 (not further) at which time I shut it down. I got back into the marina and discovered that I had not put enough coolant in. I filled it up with anti freeze and left the boat to work. I thought I had it all figured out but when I went to start it up, which it did right away, a huge plum of white smoke appeared and continued for the five to ten minutes it was running. This was not a small amount of white smoke! After running for a few minutes the engine died on me like it was starved of fuel. I do not know if if this is different issue to the turbo or connected as I did read that it could be injectors or the intercoolers? Anyway. I think the engine died from air getting into the fuel line but will not know that until I get down there again to check that out.

              If you all have any suggestions lay them on me:-)


                I had a “white smoke” issue. Happened above 2000 rpm. My research, like yours, indicated either a fuel problem - injectors or pump timing, or a cooling issue. The first produces smoke, the latter, steam. My problem was steam and the cause was a blocked raw water intake. Other cooling system issues could also produce the steam. If you got into the cooling system while replacing the turbo, that might be the place to start to investigate? Lots of wiser heads with more experience on this forum who may have better suggestions.


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                  Thnx Mad Manc for the thoughts:-) Ill start there. Do you have any thoughts on what I would be looking for? I don’t suppose there is a way to flush out the system is there?

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                  This is a guess! But the turbo is coolant cooled. I've heard that large amounts of white smoke/steam could be caused by a coolant leak into the turbo. I don't know why a leak into the turbo would take so long for this to manifest itself if that is what it is?