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98 Ciera 2858 sump/hull problem

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  • fritzman
    Water will not be coming out of the lament, what is happening, is the the wood block under the pump is rotten holding water, one other problem to check is thr bottom of the gas tank .

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  • Dabckid
    started a topic 98 Ciera 2858 sump/hull problem

    98 Ciera 2858 sump/hull problem


    I have my Dad's boat sitting in my yard getting a fresh water cooling system installed and a general clean up and maintenance done (he just purchased it). The problem is there is water that keeps showing up in the sump by the head/under the stairs. We have been sucking it out with a shop-vac only to have it appear back in 5 minutes. At first he figured it was the water tank, but we have proven it is good (holding water for days with no drop).
    Upon closer inspection the water is coming up from the fiberglass. So we removed the pump and level switch and found more water coming up from the screw holes. So we added a bit of air pressure down one of the screw holes and had a substantial amount of water come out a crack on one of the mounting plates and it bubbles(audible not visual) at some spot under the gas tank.
    Any thoughts on how to deal with the water inside before we fix the problem? This is a little out of my wheelhouse at the moment.

    Thanks B