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Best Technique For Gluing Carpet Vertically To Fiberglass?

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    Best Technique For Gluing Carpet Vertically To Fiberglass?

    I'm just about done installing vinyl plank flooring, so next I'll be putting in vertical panels of carpet on the surrounding bulkheads. Since they're fiberglass, staples aren't a great option.
    Any thoughts on the best glue and technique to stick the carpet panels in place?
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    This is what I used:

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      3m 77 and 3M 90 are both good choices.

      77 goes on a bit thinner, and can be used for single surface coating

      90 is a coat both surfaces product and is a bit thicker, kind of stringy the way it sprays.


      Whats the weather like on our boat

      Where are we right now?


        when ever i install carpeting that i dont want coming loose, I go to home depot and get indoor/outdoor carpet adhesive, which is reasonably easy to use if your dont get in a hurry, but still, if you make a mistake, it cleans up with soap and water until it has dried... it trowls on with a serrated trowel and after it becomes tacky you just press the carpet to to the surface and your done... it takes about a day with a fan on it to fully dry...

        the spray adhesives will work if its the monkey fur type carpeting, but if its the coarser backed type of carpet, the indoor outdoor adhesive is the best....

        when using the spray adhesive, make sure its a good brand name like 3M, loctite, gorrila, as a lot of the cheaper adhesives will dry out and lose all adhesive properties over time, letting the carpet come loose from the surface... and at that time, more spray adhesive is not an option, as the surfaces will then be contaminated with crusty dried out glue that wont stick to the newly applied glue...

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          After weighing the pros and cons, and the fact there seems to be a shortage of 3M Super 77 in Canada right now, I think I'm going to give Roberts 6700 a try. I'm a bit leary about the potential drying time, but the boat isn't going anywhere right now.

          The carpet is a thicker variety, so probably the more hold the better.
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            My guy used 3M 90, which is impossible to get right now. He has put carpet projects on hold for now. He swears by it.
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            I started using 3M Super 77 back in the 70's when I did van conversions. It works well, just don't use it on a windy day...
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              I thought I'd settled on the Roberts 6700 goop, but the idea of an extended drying time just bugs me. Some reviewers claim it could take 2 weeks. I don't want to put up carpet, then come back a week later and find it's all fallen off the walls.

              Think I'm going to try out Permatex "Body Shop" spray adhesive. It tends to show up on the top 10 marine carpet glue lists I've found, and it's actually in stock locally.

              I haven't seen any direct comparisons, but from what I can tell it's roughly equivalent to 3M 90. Saw a video of a guy spraying it on headliner fabric, and it got really sticky really quick. Should give me decent peace of mind.

              Guess we'll see on Saturday.
              "Binti B"
              1996 2855 Ciera Sunbridge
              Richmond, BC


                For those interested, I attached the first square of carpet Saturday, using the Permatex. Applied 3 coats to each surface, waiting 5 minutes after each one. The carpet stuck to the bulkhead immediately, no sagging, no fighting with it whatsoever. I pressed it on good, and the next day it's still firmly "on there". Looks like it's gonna work out.
                "Binti B"
                1996 2855 Ciera Sunbridge
                Richmond, BC


                  Have tried them all - save you time and money, use 3M 90.