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    Antifouling advice

    Now lockdown is over in the UK and the boat has been on the hard since Nov last year it's time for my first ever Antifouling application. I have no idea what type the previous owner put on, nor did the broker when I bought it.

    We've recently changed the colour scheme of the boat from Bayliner Blue to Grey as were looking around for a Grey colored Antifouling to match. Was all set to purchase Hempel Tigra Extra........ but then I realized there was a little bit more to selecting the right type.

    So my boat is in estuary waters (salt) but spends around 15-17 hours a day moored in mud, the other 7-9 hours in the water (give or take depending on whether Spring or Neap).
    Don't tend to go full throttle when out - just enough to plane and maybe sometimes up to 20kts.

    So now I have read that having the boat mud berthed kinda renders the self polishing types of Antifouling (like the Tigra Extra) pretty much useless and it would be best to go for the more expensive Hard variety - one such as Seajet 037 Coastal (which luckily also is available in Gray). Does anyone have any comments or suggestions?

    Also on the Seajet website it seems that the 037 Coastal is pretty tolerant going onto of more than 2 dozen other types of soft self polishing types (which I think is probably what my boat came with give that it was permanently moored in a non-tidal marina. The website states a simple rub down with P160 (wet) sand paper and a 2nd power wash should be fine.
    Although when you read the notes on the 037 it does talk about using their underwater primer - only thing with that is, on the Primer page is mentions just about every kind of substrate except GRP.

    Will try and call the manufacturer if they are open given lockdown is differentiations in The Netherlands.


    2006 Bayliner 275
    Cummins Mercruiser 2.8l Diesel 200HP
    Bravo 3