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Maintenance for a 3055 - need list, please help

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    Maintenance for a 3055 - need list, please help

    Hello all

    I need some help please. I have owned a Bayliner 3055 for 5 years now and it needs basic maintenance as I want to keep it in good working order and afloat. I have asked our marina multiple times to do basically an inspection and do any work they feel is necessary (you would think they would love that). However they always ask me what I want them to do. I honestly I have no idea what I want them to do I have never owned a boat before so I don't know what to have them do.

    I basically use the boat as a floating cottage and very very rarely is it taken out. Usually it is driven once in the spring to get it in dock and then again in the fall to put it in storage.

    I need your help in making a list to give to them to have them do basic maintenance. So far this is what I have. If you could please let me know what else I need to ask them to do it would be greatly appreciated. For some reason I'm terrified the boat is going to sink even though it seems to be very dry in the engine compartment

    Oil Change (every few years)
    Check belts - check
    Power steering fluid - check
    Spark plugs ? - check?

    Check bilge pumps

    When pulled out in winter change lower end fluids


    This is the schedule I follow, but I average 170 hours a year.

    Yearly commission:
    Change oil and filters, fuel filters, plugs, wires, cap, and rotor.

    Yearly Decommission:
    Change drive oil.

    Every 2 years:
    Change impellers, have drives pulled and inspected and realigned, bottom paint.

    Every 5 years:
    New Bellows, new belts, new batteries.

    Fluids I check every time I go out.
    2004 Bayliner 305(twin 220hp Bravo II drives)
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    2012 Yamaha FX Cruiser HO


      I've wondered if I should be replacing my risers and manifolds periodically as well. I'm on my 3rd season with the boat, but I have no idea if the former owner(s) ever did it. It's not cheap, but I'm thinking about replacing them as a precaution. Thoughts?
      1999 Bayliner 3055
      2003 Triumph 150 CC
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        Is the boat in fresh water or salt? If it's fresh I wouldn't worry about risers. Do you have an hour meter on the boat?
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          It's in fresh water. I don't have an hour meter.
          1999 Bayliner 3055
          2003 Triumph 150 CC
          2016 Yamaha VX Delux


            Regislive I just bought a 2000, 3055 here on the Jersey Shore operating in salt water. One thing I would recommend is Manifold and Risers, know when they need to be done, the other thing I would recommend is the Raw Water pump too, have that looked and kept happy and new. Lastly the bellows, keep them inspected, etc.
            happy boating.