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Would You Use E10 Fuel In a Carbureted 96 Mercruiser 7.4

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    If you plan to use E-10 during the season, I would suggest using Non-E for your last few tanks before laying up for the winter.
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      Change the fuel hoses, change the fuel filter more often for a while and run the E-10. I have since I got our boat. I do however live in a very dry climate which can make a difference.

      My personal preference would be to build a 12 to 1 compression engine, put in the ideal high torque cam, put on a bigger propeller and run E-85. But finding the stuff is sketchy so I wouldn't do it. I used to mechanic a 600 HP outlaw sprint car in the 70's using straight methanol.
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        ethanol fuel is fine as long as you are using it up quickly, but when it sets in the tank for very long is when problems can arise, and the temps in which it is at while setting there..... 2 months is about as long as I feel the ethanol fuel can be dependably stored, even though it starts to degrade within a couple of days....

        using some of the fuel and then topping it off with fresh ethanol fuel doesnt qualify as using it up quickly, because when the fuel starts to degrade and separate, adding fresh fuel does NOT make it like new again.... run the tank as low as you are comfortable with and then fill it with fresh fuel again.....

        I wont use ethanol fuel in anything except our car, which gets fresh fuel at least every week.... EXCEPT when we are boating in a location where ethanol free fuel is not available, then I have no choice but to use the sub-standard grade of fuel....

        and it causes the engine to run noticeably rougher with slightly less performance... my 2 outboard motors really notice the difference in the quality of the fuel they get...

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          If you are worried about using E-10, one way to deal with it is to start using the Racor filter with the metal bowl. These are better filters to start with and can hold much more water than standard ones. Even so I have not had trouble using just the standard Sierra filters. Here we have no choice, it is all E10.
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          Metal bowl required on our gassers. Should be a cross reference from Merc/Sierra filter to a Racor.
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            If your engine has the Thunderbolt V ignition pack, it has a knock sensor in it and will compensate for the E10 in day-day running. I have used E10 in my 2452 with a5.7 vortec engine. I noticed no performance degradation to speak of.
            When the gas stopped having lead in i.t, I remember how the naysayers were talking about engines blowing up, needing yearly valve jobs, etc. This did not happen at least, with my old boat which was a carbureted 5.7.
            Now that said, if you are getting pinging, check the base timing on the engine. The carb can be re-jetted richer.
            However, as us engineers say, "If it ain't broke don't fix it.
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