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242 Bow thruster needed ?

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    Originally posted by Big_Ben View Post
    Thanks for all the replies - so I’m not alone. I have ordered a Lewmar thruster kit. I don’t like the idea of big holes cut in the boat but I like the idea of a thruster that is out of site and mind when the boat is in the water and you can’t really see it as opposed to the external mounted ones.

    Unfortunately a bigger boat is not in the cards at this point as I have to shoe horn this one beside my house for the winter months. I like to have it at home to work on etc etc plus I’m getting this one dialed in perfectly to my needs and like it a lot !

    Thanks again
    You've got a great boat! I used to own one and I think I still would today but for an accident (took it as an opportunity for an upgrade).

    No doubt that cutting that hole properly is the most stressful part of the project.

    I think you'll find evidence on the web that the thruster tunnel can actually increase the strength of the bow.
    2002 2855 350MPI Bravo III on Lake Champlain