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Need a little technical help please - effect of salt water on cast iron exhaust.

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    Mine looked similar to those and I removed them. I placed them out in the yard and they spent the summer there, dried up pretty good. When I pick them up to recycle them, a LOT of rust came out of them. Just for fun I kept shaking them and more rust would come out. 20 minutes later I gave up the shaking, they still had rust inside. I never fathomed how much rust can live in the chambers, water jackets and other places not readily visible. My boat was overheating before I bought it and I wound up replacing the engine last fall. I have new manifolds and risers waiting for the spring to be installed. If you're to take a chance, leave yours filled with diluted muriatic acid overnight as someone else already advised and flush them as best you can, to get the most rust out. If your boat still runs on the warm side, replace them with new ones. They have a limited life, especially on raw water cooling systems.