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Remove water tank on 2855 -00

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    Remove water tank on 2855 -00


    I had some gasoline in the forward bilge this summer and after a lot of washing and venting I got it all out. After a week or two we noticed that the potable water had a faint smell of gasoline and since then it's gotten a bit more noticable. I can't see any other possibillity than the gasoline vapour somehow eats it's way through the plastic. Flushing the the tank numerous times doesn't help and even though I will have a go with detergent, chlorine and vinegar (not at the same time!) I'm fairly certain that I will eventually have to do something about the water tank. The consensus seems that if gasoline one time have gotten it's hold on a plastic water tank, there's no saving it.

    I'm looking at two solutions:

    1. Saw out the end of the tank which is accessible under the stairs and "poke" in a water tank bag in there. The obvious advantage would be that I don't have to cut the floor and water bags are quite cheap.

    2. Cut open the floor and have a custom made tank from stainless steel put in there. But how do I cut open the floor with minimum damage made? How big of project is this? Do I need to redo the whole carpet?

    Any input or suggestions to this would be greatly appreciated!


    I got a boat builder to do this for me. He cut a section of the cabin floor out (5 ply) and repositioned the fresh water tank further for'ard. I also had a bigger black water tank made and placed it where the fresh water tank had been. The cut ply edges were painted with resin and the floor screwed down and recarpeted. All the weight now along the keel line and a little further for'ard. I think the boat rides better with a bit more weight for'ard.


      Thanks for your input. The space forward of the water tank get's smaller and smaller, you must have ended up with a smaller water tank?


        Does anyone have the dimensions for the water tank on this boat? The boat is in winter storage at the moment and I've decided to try my water bag solution...


          Gas cannot permeate through polyethylene or eat through it. In fact most newer gas tanks even in cars are made of polyethylene. Did the tank always hold water properly before the gas spill?
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            Yes, and it still holds water but there's a distinct taste of gasoline to it. I have it from a very good source that the fumes actually can eat their way through. Doesn't really matter now since I must do something radical here. That's why I put my hope to the water bag inside water tank solution. According to the manufacturer of the water bag it should work. Just need to work out which bag I need, hence the question about the dimensions of the tank.


              As an alternative, have you considered using your existing water supply for washing etc.then cutting an entrance hatch in the bulkhead under the V berth (same as the newer 285). You can then store the 5 gal purified water containers (two) and buy a small pump that goes inside the container. You can then pump via a 1/4" poly hose up to a dedicated purified water tap at the kitchen sink.
              I have done this and we always have purified potable water for drinking......Much easier than trying to change your water tank.
              Good luck


                By chance could the taste be induced by the supply lines? Are the supply line fuel resistant also? Just a thought to add to the mix. If I had to relocate my FW tank I'd look to put it under the V berth up front. My 2004 has access panels under the mattress and there is a lot of room in there.


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                  Many cleanings & flushings should get the smell out along with some venting, it may take a while.
                  I’d be more concerned about where the gasoline came from in the first place.
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                    Thanks for all input, it's really appreciated! The quoting function is a bit weird for me at the moment so sorry for this messy answer.

                    The thought of having even more water lines, pumps, holding tanks etc in the boat isn't really that appealing. The boat is in freshwater so I allready have an extra pump and faucet at the sink to wash etc. For the next season I will even hook it up to the water heater since we usually cruise in really clean water.

                    The gasoline originated from an old fuel hose that I thought the previous owner had replaced. A series of unfortunate circumstances involving boat fully fueled and sitting on land with a slight angle at the bow. This led to fuel pushing out through the old hose (direct sunlight and 85 degrees) and made it's way through the aft bilge to the forward bilge where it sat for a week until I got the boat back. Yeah, I know, the two bilges should be closed of but I have seen how liquid slowly makes it way from aft to forward bilge when the preassure gets to high.

                    Since the water doesn't have a taste directly after a refill and at the same time doesn't go away if I flush 20l, my only conclusion is that it's the tank itself. On the other hand, there's an obvious risk that the smelling water now has imprinted the water lines as well....

                    I have flushed and flushed with dish washer detergent, liquid soap and chlorine and it didn't really make any difference whatsoever. Perhaps it will go away eventually but I'm thinking of selling and this fault would greatly impact the value of the boat.

                    The neat thing with the water bag solution is that it would take just a couple of hours and then I would be all set. I have heard of people having 20 year old water bags in their boats and they're perfectly happy with them. The problem is that when I cut it there's no going back...


                      Did anyone but yourself fill the gasoline?
                      I remember one time somewhere that an attendant pumped gas into a water tank.
                      If your water tank is contaminated it will be very hard to get the gas smell and taste out.
                      There will be some calcium in the tank that will also hold the smell.
                      I suspect the water lines will be the hardest to remove the smell and taste, there is also the water pump, the rubber diaphragms will holds the smell, you can buy a kit for that.
                      If you have access to the tank top you can cut an access hole, be sure you know what size screw in hatch you could install.
                      How many gallons does your tank hold?
                      I hope this helps.
                      Do you fill your own fuel tank at the dock?
                      I remember in Seward, AK some time ago that someone poured a bit of gasoline into some boaters water tank!
                      Call your insurance company and state that someone without your knowledge poured some gasoline in your water tank.
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                      Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

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                        All very good suggestions and some creative solutions as well, I'll think about the insurance company route but I have to pay quite a lot to use the insurance.

                        We're thinking about halting the sale of the boat for one season and run the boat with the tank dry and really let it vent out during this season...


                          Hope you are not drinking that water tank water whether contaminated or not.
                          An attendant made a mistake filling gas into my tank, took about 10 gallons of vinegar & app 50 flushes .
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                            I replaced my water and fuel fills with new ones that have the gas and water cast into the flange.
                            Pat says: DO-IT-RIGHT THE FIRST TIME!

                            Bayliner 3870 "ALASKA33)
                            Twin 350 GM power
                            Located in Seward, AK
                            Retired marine surveyor


                              Someone or yourself pumped gas into the water fill. It happens a lot. My buddy did this on his 32. Pumped some diesel into his water fill. No way the smell or taste can get into your water tank any other way. He tried everything. I found a product out of Australia that fixed it. It' s a product fot RV's when the owners mess up.


                              I can't remember what is was but Google around for the stuff. It works.

                              Hope this helps.