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Remove water tank on 2855 -00

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    Remove water tank on 2855 -00


    I had some gasoline in the forward bilge this summer and after a lot of washing and venting I got it all out. After a week or two we noticed that the potable water had a faint smell of gasoline and since then it's gotten a bit more noticable. I can't see any other possibillity than the gasoline vapour somehow eats it's way through the plastic. Flushing the the tank numerous times doesn't help and even though I will have a go with detergent, chlorine and vinegar (not at the same time!) I'm fairly certain that I will eventually have to do something about the water tank. The consensus seems that if gasoline one time have gotten it's hold on a plastic water tank, there's no saving it.

    I'm looking at two solutions:

    1. Saw out the end of the tank which is accessible under the stairs and "poke" in a water tank bag in there. The obvious advantage would be that I don't have to cut the floor and water bags are quite cheap.

    2. Cut open the floor and have a custom made tank from stainless steel put in there. But how do I cut open the floor with minimum damage made? How big of project is this? Do I need to redo the whole carpet?

    Any input or suggestions to this would be greatly appreciated!


    I got a boat builder to do this for me. He cut a section of the cabin floor out (5 ply) and repositioned the fresh water tank further for'ard. I also had a bigger black water tank made and placed it where the fresh water tank had been. The cut ply edges were painted with resin and the floor screwed down and recarpeted. All the weight now along the keel line and a little further for'ard. I think the boat rides better with a bit more weight for'ard.


      Thanks for your input. The space forward of the water tank get's smaller and smaller, you must have ended up with a smaller water tank?