Hey all

i have a 86 contessa 5.7. I have alot of weight on back end (battery’s ). I had a aluminium 16(dia) x 15 pitch 3 blade. she would due about 20 knotts at 4300 -4400 rpm but wouldnt get her stern out to plane. I was advised if i went to a 4 blade and stainless i would get a bit more “punch” and it probably make her plane but might lose a few knotts top end. I got ahold of a brand new solas saturn 4 blade 15.5(dia) x 15 pitch. I only tried it once so far and all she do was 8.4 knotts dont know about rpm. I will check when i try again tomorrow. What i cant understand is why the stainless 4 blade is so much slower at the same pitch. Any ideas.. of