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Galley lights in 3388

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    Galley lights in 3388

    I've purchased a 1998 Bayliner 3388. The two overhead lights in the galley do not turn on/off, although the rest of the cabin lights work OK. I tried to diagnose the problem this afternoon, and discovered the previous owner had disconnected the wiring to the two overhead DC lights in the galley (a fluorescent light over the stove is functioning....I'm not sure if that is original equipment?) . Here's my question: which switch is supposed to control the galley lights? Are they supposed to be turned on/off with one of the switches just above the steps leading into the galley, or are they controlled with the same switches that control the rest of the cabin lights? Thanks for any insights!

    Congratulations on the new boat. I've owned a '99 for 4 seasons now.

    On mine it's the switch by the handrail by the galley at the bottom of the galley stairs. Note there are 3 switch locations. One at the main entry. One at the TOP of the galley stairs and then the third by railing at the Bottom of the stairs. That third location can be easily missed. Mine controls the lights and an electric heater/fan built under the stairs. Of special note, one of the steps in the stair is removable too.
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