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How do I attach an arch to a boat that has never had one?

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    How do I attach an arch to a boat that has never had one?

    Hi every one. I found a radar arch for my Antigua. While bolting it down looks simple enough, the guy that is doing the work on my trailer said its not that simple. I planned to drill holes in the top of the boat rear deck walls and then corresponding holes in the bottom of the arch legs then put bolts through them. Trailer guy says that if it was never made with an arch don't add one. It is 48" high and 84 inches across. He said that I will need to worry about sway and the damage to the boat deck walls as well as forward backward movement. The height is going to be just under 12 feet high with it attached. One concern I have is for my 6ft head to clear the arch. For clearance it really needs to be 50" high but I think I can manage. Does any one know how to get the arch to sit 2 inches higher but look good with the attachment? How car I add strength to the boat wall and or the arch? What is every ones opinion on this? The boat photo with out the truck is the arch I am contemplating buying.
    My Antigua since last painted. The boat with the radar arch I am looking at buying. This is a stock photo of the antigua I found online to give you an idea of what the rear deck walls look like. 5 1/2 inches wide.
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    It bolts through the side of the hull top deck half with 4 stainless lag bolts per side. Mine on my 32 ft were 1/2 inch bolts.

    each boat model could be different
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      there will be no issues with sway or weight, and if its attached properly, there will be no structural weakness created in the the boat or the arch, in any direction EDIT, unless the job is botched, and then anything may be possible....

      is the arch built for the Antigua, or is it a generic one you found that is of the correct dimensions??...

      if the arch was designed and built for an antigua, or has ever been installed on one, there should be bolt holes already in it,, or if it has never been installed, there should be dimples where one is supposed to drill to create bolt holes..
      BUT... before you drill holes ANYWHERE, make sure you have access to the backside of the proposed drill spots on both the boat and the arch.... it wont do any good to drill holes if you cant access the area.

      but then, as Yachtman said, if you have a thick wood core where the bolts will have to go, its possible that you can use lag bolts to attach it.... either way, dont scrimp on the sealer...

      an arch from a different boat, installed on the antigua could hurt the value of the boat, depending on the quality and the aesthetics of the install...

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        Make sure to use backing plates to help with support and I would think you would be fine.
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          That's great to know that sway and such wont be a problem. I don't know why the guy would say all that though. Anyway, so the Wellcraft Antigua boat model was never factory made with a radar arch. I've only ever seen 2 that have a radar arch on them. The arch goes to and is on a 1991 Formula P29 cruiser. I'll have to see how they attached it to figure it out I suppose. It does look like the arch is bolted to the hull through the sides which will help but I'll have to wait and see when I get there. Ill have to get all the measurements off of mine first. It would be nice to take the boat with but its almost a 2 1/2 hour drive to the guys place and he lives on a narrow road in the middle of no where. Thank you for all of your help guys.
          1994 Bayliner Capri 1850, 3 liter Mercruiser, 9.9 Johnson kicker.
          1987 Wellcraft Antigua 265, Mercruiser 383 Stroker V8.
          Pulls with Ext. Cab 2006 GMC Sierra 2500 HD