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Replacing cabin carpet with vinyl plank

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    Replacing cabin carpet with vinyl plank

    I have a 1999 3055 that I bought at the end of last summer. Overall, it's in great shape. However, in the cabin, there are a few stains on the carpet. With the right carpet cleaner, I may be able to get them out, but I wouldn't mind replacing it with peel and stick vinyl plank. Seems like a better solution. Has anyone done this? As I've looked at it, I think the lowest part would be easy. The upper part (where the table is) has a rounded edge that could present a bit of an issue.

    If you did it, did you replace just the lowest tier or both?
    1999 Bayliner 3055

    did anyone reply to this post? i'm getting ready to do the floors/cab/ and upholstery....


      I put the vinyl flooring in my old boat. I wasn't to hard of a job, I did have to smooth out some of the fiberglass that was under the rug. This was on a 1999 2655. It looks like they just laid the carpeting over wet resin. I used the vinyl cement to put the flooring down and it held pretty good.
      1999 Bayliner Ciera 2655
      5.7 Bravo 3


        Don't get the peel and stick, because the overlap is too thin and can lift up. When this happens you will catch an edge and it will break off.
        I used the click lock style vinyl planks and glued them down with construction adhesive.


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          I agree... DONT use the peel and stick.... if parts of it ever comes loose, it will bubble slightly in the sun and wont look right.
          my boat had the floating plank flooring in it when I bought it, but whoever put it in did NOT use the waterproof flooring, so the joints swelled and it looked very similar to a botched job.... and im sure the edge trim was done by a beginner...
          we removed it and installed the click to gether floating waterpoof vinyl planks, like is recommended for bathrooms and kitchens.. and then redid the edge trim. it looks nice and even though we have been in the boat with dripping swim suits, there is no swelling or curling of the flooring....

          it would be nice if a manufacture of affordable flooring developed something similar to a teak and holly pattern....

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            I replaced all carpeting with vinyl plank. And I agree, do not use the peel and stick. As it shrinks and expands, it will look terrible.
            I used plank that had to be glued down. Construction adhesive spread out with a 1/16 notched trowel did the job. Seems are tight with temperature changes.


              There is some REALLY nice vinyl plank flooring out there now days.

              We have the isocore stuff in our kitchen and sun room, and another look in out master bath. Very good quality, very heavy duty.

              I’m re-carpeting my boat as soon as the weather breakes, and I seriously thought about plank flooring.

              I am going with carpet because on my boat, the tables, and my recliner are not built in. In a heavy see that stuff would slide around, something that does not happen with carpet.

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                The vinyl is also very easy to cut, even on curves. Just score it and bend to snap apart. In my case, I used a tile cutter to score and break straight. However a jigsaw, multi-tool, box cutter and file for the cut edges will get the fun stuff done.


                  I agree with Centerline 2. I replaced a lot of the carpet in my 1985 3870 with the vinyl snap together floating plank floor. One of the best up grades I have done to my boat. Just make sure the floor is very smooth.
                  Just love being on my 3870............Bill
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