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  • Does this estimate sound right

    I just received an estimate for repowering our 2002 2859 from a 5.7 mpi to a 383 stroker. It also needs a new transom plate at the same time. The whole estimate with taxes came in at just over $27,000 CAD.
    i guess mentally I was just not ready for that number.
    When I look at the parts, most of the pricing all appears very fair.....but they have estimated 40 hours of labour and they added a $500 contingency on top for any additional surprises.
    Maybe I am way off but does swapping a complete engine package and transom plate really take 40 hours of labour if there are no additional problems? I have swapped many automotive engines, even with transferring all of the parts over (alternator, fuel systems, starter etc.) it was only ever a 2 day job at most and usually much quicker than that. This motor already has all the bells and whistles bolted on so it is just a matter of out with the old and in with the new. And of course changing the transom plate while the engine and out drive are out.
    Am I just severely underestimating the amount of work involved or is this really a full week job?
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    I am no mechanic, but I pulled the 7.4 our of two different 2556 boats and put them back in as well. You have some new challenges. Motor mounts, linkages, exhaust ports that all might not match exactly what came out. Engine out, two hours. Engine in, three hours. Transom plate is quick. Have you thought about doing some of it yourself? You have the roomiest engine compartment in boating.
    They are allowing 4 days labor for the rest of it. Also, the math does not pencil out for me. 40 hours of labor is 5K. The engine and TA are 19K?
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      That seems a bit high, explain the transom work that is where some hidden work is, as mentioned by Tally, could you work on the project ?
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        I had my transom assembly replaced last winter - the labor total for removing the engine, replacing the transom assembly and re-installing the engine was $2420 (USD) - I believe that was 21 hours - they originally estimated 20 hours. They ran into some problems with the transom assembly in the process and ended up installing it once, breaking it, removing it again and re-installing a second new one. They may have included some of the other work I had done in that labor total and labor is pretty expensive in the Seattle area.
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          The 5.7 and 383 have the same footprint, they're both SBC blocks, there'd be no issues with alignment of motor mounts etc.
          IMO​​​​​​ the ​price seems excessive.
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            Have you seen the break down costs? ~$10K for the engine, $3K for the transom assy (Bravo), $1K in misc material, 40 x $120 labor = $4,800, ...

            I don't see how they are getting $27K. Also agree labor hours are high.
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              I went from 7.4 to 383 stroker for 20K CDN. Stroker is around $13500.00 cdn. 40 hours including transom plate with sea trial etc. is about right. R&R the engine is a 2 man job. from big block to small you do have riser issues to deal with and other tinkering from small to small should be simpler
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                How's that new engine package working out John?

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                OP says his current engine is a 5.7 so should be easier than yours was.

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              Yup engine R&R is a 2 man job, so estimated hrs X 2.
              383 stroker MAG MPI is $10,500 USD, $13,500 CAD shipped sounds about right, transom assembly/misc parts $4,500, labor $5000, plus tax... he is not too far off.
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                I was going to say, 2 techs not one, 1/2 total time...20 hours x 2 its Canadian $$ isn't it? Did Canada go the Euro and I didn't hear about that?...will be following this
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                  R&R for entire time is not a 2 man job. There is about an hour (half in/out) where a helper is needed.

                  I am not a mechanic but I did R&R of engine (same engine - long story) in my Contesa myself in less than 8hrs one day without the typical lift/hoist arrangement that a proper yard has. Swapping components between engines and misc cleanup stuff shouldn't be much more than a day. Can't say on the transom plate what that might add but even with sea trial more than 30 hours is excessive.

                  Shop needs to make something on parts so using your catalog pricing isn't completely fair but if they have a breakdown of at least parts and labor you should be able to see where your expectations were violated.
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                    Doing some of the work myself I built and swapped out a Cummins 6BTA marine diesel and my cost was 10,750 Canadian all in, including haulout and launch.
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                      I am not opposed to doing most of the work myself. Although I am not sure how that affects the warranty. I even have access to a forklift so the re-and re does not intimidate me very much at all.
                      If I can pay someone a reasonable price to do the work and it helps me when and if warranty issues arise - then I am good with paying a fair price. It just did not look like that bad of a job so I was floored when I received the estimate

                      There were several replies about the parts pricing. It actually does not seem too bad to me. In CAD the engine with the additional riser kit is just shy of $13,000. The transom plate is just over $4000 (I know I can get them for around $3500 but still this does not completely throw the estimate way out.. They added a new prop which is about $1200 but I have the exact same prop in my garage so it will be getting axed from the estimate. The there is about $700 in haul out and hard storage for two weeks while the boat is on the hard. Of course lets not forget the governments cut which is about $2800 (talk about kicking a guy while he is down). Pre-tax, all totaled up it comes in just over $19,000 but when I chop the propeller out it drops down just under $18,000 and I may be able to squeeze another $1000 or so - but again that is not where the alarms bells lie.

                      It is the 40 hour estimate plus $500 in the "just in case fund" that really caught me off-guard. It adds up to over $5500 in labor which just sounds way excessive to me and it sounds like most others here feel the same. I am out of town travelling right now but think I will go for a second quote when I get back.

                      Thanks for the feedback everyone - I am glad to know that it is not just me that thinks something does not seem right.
                      2014 Double Eagle 176EXL. But we are not done with Bayliner yet…this is just to get us to and from our cottage in the Gulf Islands.


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                        I ordered 2x 383 turn key Mercruiser smartcraft fuel injected engines when I had my 1997 Avanti. Originally had 5.7 LX engines. As mentioned, footprint is the same. Did all the work myself and honestly it is a very easy job. Cannot comment on the transom plate as I never touched one but assume it is rather straight forward. I know "marine" prices are high but would never have expected the price they quoted you.

                        I am surprised how much things have gone up. My swap was 10 years ago, both engines cost me 12,000 cdn, got 6,000 for my old engines so bottom line was it cost me 6,000 cdn to swap to 2 new engines.
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                          Maybe i should start charging, working for a ham sandwich most of the time, and bottled water.
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                            I wonder if marine marine shops have standard book rates for work? I know auto shops do as my brother is a master toyota tech and has been for close to 30 years.

                            It may be they aren't accounting for overlap of work. If the plate swap involves motor removal as the engine swap obviously does....if straight book rates are being charged for these jobs then you would be paying for engine pull and reinstall twice.

                            Seems like any shop could give estimate for that job pretty quick.
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