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3055 - How to remove cockpit tabel leg?

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    3055 - How to remove cockpit tabel leg?

    My 3055 has the original cockpit tabel leg atleast it looks orignal from the pictures I have seen from other 3055.
    I also have the original girders so it converts into a sunpad.

    But how do I remove the cockpit table leg?
    I thought it was twist and pull, but I am afraid to put to much force into twisting the leg around, don't want to break og snap something.
    From below, through the engine compartment I see a bolt, I think this secures the leg mount to the floor, but I could be wrong.
    Either way seems odd if one needs tools to convert it to a sunpad.

    Don't have pictures atm, but can surely get some next time I visit the boat, unless someone can enlighten me with the "secret" trick.

    2002 Bayliner 3055.
    Twin merc 5.0L carbed, Bravo 2.
    Location: Denmark, boating in saltwater.

    The table leg should unscrew from the base.
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      Ah, fair enough. Thanks for the super quick reply.
      I will unscrew it from the base next time I visit the boat.
      It is currently in winter storage.

    Mine is just wiggle and pull (lots of both if it's on good!).
    Think I'd try the unscrew first - then, if no success ->
    YMMV . . .
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      The table "leg" unscrews from the base on the floor. The "table" uncouples from the leg with a little wiggle action. It's attached with a tapered fit. Be careful with the wiggling as you don't want to apply excessive force that could break the plastic screw in fitting at the base. Heard that has happened to a few on here.
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        Maybe give a shot of WD-40 or light penetrating oil
        a few minutes to soak in. Could there be a film of oxidation/ salt film? Mine are aluminum and have a black hard plastic "cup" they insert into. They would not come out until I let them soak a bit. Once I got them out, I polished the ends and waxed them and wiped the insert with a non abrasive cleaner and cloth.
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        • DKJ
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          Hi HueyCrew,

          Thanks for the tip.

          Mine too is aluminum with black plastic cups on both ends.
          I will give it a bath in some WD-40, if that does not help, I might just have to unscrew the leg form the base.
          Going to the boat next weekend, will report back on which metode helped me get the leg out.

        Thanks for the good idea’s and input in this matter.
        I had some succes’s.
        Had to remove the nut from the engine bay.

        Once removed, i discovered that everything inside the table leg was “salted” together.
        I managed to carefully get the base of the floormount out of the table leg without doing any damage.

        Cleaned it and gave all the moving parts a good amount of WD40.
        Now I can once again twist the leg on/off the floor mount without using tools.

        2002 Bayliner 3055.
        Twin merc 5.0L carbed, Bravo 2.
        Location: Denmark, boating in saltwater.


          If ever you need to replace, they are TODD brand and the spares/compete replacements can be purchased online through their website.
          I've replaced mine several times and as I am in Australia, I normally buy 3 or 4 sets.. they do break quite easily, esp if you put a bit of pressure on the side of the table..
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