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TOPIC: It's time again to prepare for storage - How should I proceed?

It's time again to prepare for storage - How should I proceed? 04 Oct 2007 00:21 #1

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Well it is the time of the year, my boat is now on blocks and awaiting its maintenance for the cold season. So far I had my boat serviced for the preparation but I will now have to do it myself as it will not be available in the area in the future.

It is a 3288 1989 with twin 305 gas with close cooling system

I live in the Quebec province where the temperature gets below 0 F.

What are the steps and how do you do it for water system? for engines?

Water system is discussed elsewhere in the forum but I'm not sure i fully understand.

Engine, I know I have to change oil, fog the carbs, and put some anti freeze. The problem is I don't know in what order you do this. Can I do it alone or do I need a helper?

Any document explain this somewhere ro do yu have your own?

Thanks in advance


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It's time again to prepare for storage - How should I proceed? 04 Oct 2007 00:50 #2

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Jean, it scares me when someone asks these questions.
If your engines are closed cooling it is easy. If not anything missed and you could lose an engine.
Not trying to scare you but I want to caution you.
Do you have the owners manual and does it show you the steps?
There is a lot to the boat itself not to mention the engines.
For the fresh water, the easiest way may be disconnect the line before the pump, add a short line and suck pink rv antifreeze until it comes out all faucets. You will use a lot for the hot water heater so if you bypass it and drain it, you will use less.
You must run antifreeze (pink) through the toilets also.
And pour some in the shower drain and run the pump.
If you have a wash down system, and it uses water from the lake/ocean, that is a separate system and must be winterized the same.
You can also blow the system out by removing the line just AFTER the pump and open each faucet separately, one at a time, and blow air until water stops. Close that one and go the next.
I don't like to offer suggestions for the engines because many have something different. Thus, the manual.
I will say this if you have a closed system.
Close the seacock to the engine. Take off the strainer and slowly pour antifreeze in while the engine is running.
How much? Well that is what the manual is for.
On a Hino it says 3 gallons. I use 4 just to be sure.
That is each engine.
Don't forget the genny if you have one.
If you don't have closed cooling, just don't listen to any advise, get a manual and read it until you understand everything.
Then take it step by step.
Fogging the engine is the last step.
Can you get someone knowledgeable of your boat to help the first time?
Give us your location. We may have a member near by that would help.
Pete is in Montreal I believe.

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