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TOPIC: Will gel coat coloring agent get me a white color?

Will gel coat coloring agent get me a white color? 10 Sep 2007 12:17 #1

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I'm using clear Evercoat Get-Paste for the first time to fill in some cracks and chips on my white hull.

I've noticed once it dries it has a milky green tint. I thought clear was clear, but perhaps that's what they mean.

If I get the white coloring agent, will it work and get me a (relatively) whiter color? Or should I just buy a different gel coat product altogether?

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Will gel coat coloring agent get me a white color? 10 Sep 2007 12:39 #2

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That gelcoat is fine; you need to add pigments.

The trick is to mix up more than you need and add pigment WITHOUT catalyst and apply some right onto the hull to check for colour match. Adjust until you get the white you need. It is hard to match whites.

Once you've got it, add your catalyst and apply. After you've filled the crack, you need to seal the gelcoat against air ingress or it won't cure properly. Cover with a piece of clear acrylic film or waxed paper, etc. Another guy here - FordM - has had good success using clear packing tape.

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Will gel coat coloring agent get me a white color? 14 Oct 2007 00:02 #3

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I just thought you might like to know the method i have developed for matching colours based on white.
After seeing some pretty pathetic attempts by professional operators, in my opinion, i decided i couldn't do any worse.
I currently have a 2150 Ciera Sunbridge 86 and couldn't get a colour match from the usual suspects [ one firm suggested i chipped off some of my invaluable gel coat and send it to them for analysis ] "AS IF".

I realised that some consistant method of colour analysis was required that could be easily translated to pigment mixing.
As a computer user for many years, since 83, and especially with graphics packages it occured to me to use my graphics package of choice, Corel Draw 8, PhotoPaint
yes i'm still using that old chestnut but any graphics package will have the same basic facility required.
What you need is to use the colour analysis panel, set to C.M.Y. [ cyan - magenta - yellow ] this shows the percentage of colours a printer will use when printing on white paper on a selected spot in a picture.
Next you need your picture, so clean your hull scrupulously, tape a piece of clean white paper on the hull and take a photo of the hull and paper.
The lighting conditions are critical, thats what the sheet of paper is for, open in your Graphics package, select a spot on the paper, it should show near enough zero reading on C,M and Y, if not take a series of pics in different lighting conditions [ don't use flash ] now switch to the gel coat and these numbers are the holy grail we are searching for, scale all the numbers down by dividing by a factor this should leave you with comparative parts for the adjuster mix.
Next obtain pigments as close to C.M.Y. as you can and mix as accurately
as possible, it will probably end up looking similar to milk chocolate, THIS ONLY YOUR ADJUSTER MIX.
Next you need to blend this with a pure white pigment, beware you'll only need a few drops of adjuster mix to get the right shade.
Dont mix a lot as different parts of the hull will have faded differently according to there exposure to sunlight and will need a separate mix !
Keep the rest of the mix for future use, i currently have a 50ml syringe full ready to go !
The above info is for those who are familiar with both P.C. Graphics and Camera use and there is enough for you to work out your own method of calculation.

I'm only on this forum sporadically and don't spend all my time on the net like some, so havn't got the time to go into great detail or expand to much.

All the best Joe

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