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TOPIC: Let the Members Vote...

Let the Members Vote... 31 Jul 2014 01:03 #76

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We are getting a little derailed here so in the hopes of keeping in on track...

As far as the rule book being applied fairly - if you don't feel you have been treated unfairly, I'm happy for you and I will not try to tell you that you were. Some of us don't feel we've been treated the same way and I would like the same consideration. Please don't tell me what I've experienced. There is not debate there. You have your experiences and I've had mine.

As an aside to one of the main points of this conversation I'd like to address Ken. You continue to attack and be nasty and while I've criticized your behavior I have been civil about it. I would appreciate the same consideration. Now let me try to explain again how you contradict yourself - not that it matters, but it's frustrating because it derails threads to no end (just like it's doing here), because you did not answer my "question" as you say you have. Here is the sequence of events:

You'll see in post # 19 of this thread you said, "The best person we every had in the tech section was driven of this site because someone kept rewording his posts."

In post #26 I said, "Or in this thread, Ken (in his never-ending way) digs up the past and very sensitive issue of Don S being "driven off" by Rick."

In post #44 you responded to my quote with, "For starters I never said in my post Don was driven off by Rick you did. "

Now, are you saying you didn't say that or are you actually going to play the game of a 5 yr. old and say, "I never said the name Rick."? We all know who you are talking about and there's no other reason to bring it up but to fan the flames of a fire you won't let die. It added nothing to this conversation but to derail it. If this conversation no longer interests you, stop clicking on the link.

Before I proceed I'd like to say many people have voiced an opinion and that's great. If you too, do not like the conversation in the room you are free to not click on the link. But to enter my conversation and tell me to move on is out of line. Sure, you can say what you like but really... you walked up on my conversation and it's your decision to leave - not push me out of the way. I've also heard answers from a lot of people except the next two, and those questions / statements are to them, not as moderators but as participators and sculptors of the community we all decide to be part of. I'd like to continue an honest conversation with those directly involved.

In keeping with the questions that are still on the table... I'll edit from two posts I made with questions and statements that I would like addressed:

To 'AlaskaMutt I wrote, "...And while I appreciate your post I'll respectfully hold your feet to the fire. Obviously I'm not complaining about things you don't see, but rather the things you do and then act on inappropriately. It was your comment I referenced in the link, entry #12. You took a low shot at Rick and when someone politely spoke up you and chief pulled the rule book out.

If we are the goose then you are the gander. I could respect more of the people here if they would just man up. Stop waving the rule book only when it's convenient. Admitting you were out of line in that thread would be a huge start." You said it wasn't a shot at Rick but I'd love to know what you meant when you said, "Rick and a few other recieved a short term ban for violating the rules after several warnings. The others are back. If Rick chooses to not post anymore that is his decision. Says a lot about a person." Please tell us what it says about Rick that would not be taken as a shot at him? You're not complimenting him, are you?

To Chief I said, "...come clean or post a pic. You'll get no respect from anyone until you do. Once you do either, respect is restored and we move on. It's simple. No flogging is needed.

Mods, my request is simple to address and it still goes unaddressed. Fair and equal execution of the rules.

If you like the direction the boards have taken, then by all means ignore me. If you want to see things change, then you must first be the change you want to see. Communities are created by those that lead them.

Mike C.
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The topic has been locked.

Let the Members Vote... 31 Jul 2014 01:50 #77

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Mike C., we don't know each other, never met or had a discussion on BOC, but take this anyway you want....... you are beating a dead horse. You made your point, you received many responses and got lots of attention.

Give it a rest as you are not contributing to helping build a better resource to Bayliner owners, seems your trying to keep your beef with some members going and I think that is a personal matter best left off the forum and kept to PM's
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Let the Members Vote... 31 Jul 2014 02:07 #78

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This thread is now locked. Some people just don't get it ! As has been stated over and over the rules are the rules. Those who follow them will not get a time out, those who ignore them do so at their peril. Any member who has be given a holiday is free to return at the end of that holiday. Any future posts on this same topic will be deleted.
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The topic has been locked.
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